DIGITAL GUTS | Post-Organic Bauplan

14:00 – 17:00, Workshop for max. 15 participants, Cultural Garden
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Post-organic Bauplan is a collective from Argentina based in Leipzig, Germany, formed by Josefina Maro movement researcher, choreographer and Salvador Marino Dr. in Evolutionary Biology, multimedia artist. Post-organic Bauplan works from a transdisciplinary perspective focused in the creation of robotic prostheses and digital devices to research through dance an expanded corporeality and disembody the idea of ‘’body’’ as natural, given and unmodifiable.

The workshop focuses on researching the interconnectivity between bodies and digital devices to explore a non-organic corporeality. The aim is to generate a collective space for critical thinking about conceptions of the body.

Participants will be introduced with digital devices created specifically for the workshop. Together we will explore how to build and program them using open source platforms. These devices will have the ability to create body stimuli through vibrations, using different types of sensors such as proximity, motion and color detection sensors.

Through tools of improvisation and dance we will investigate, individually and collectively, the relation between body and digital devices. Seeing the devices as opportunities of extension of our bodies, breaking off the borders of the skin. Working in the different possibilities that can appear when we think of our body as an adaptable field.

The workshop is open and directed to any person with curiosity in the topic. Previous knowledge in dance or programming are not required. At the end of the activity participants can take with them the digital devices.