OXO OHO – Chewing gum for the senses

OXO OHO is ecstatic, wildly costumed, highly rhythmic, melodic fanatic, exalted in sound, charmingly sympathetic, dazzling and electrifying, chromatic euphoric, sociocritically infected, very affine for the party, arty-farty dance on knees, satirically polarized and performatively dramatic, humanistically engaged. A double bond of phonetic feel-good songs and mischievous electro flattery, of danceable beats, vocals, trumpet, loops, guitar and synthesizers.

No matter whether they load Major Tom’s rocket with Kavinskyesque sound as Samba Indians, ignite the LightSpeedDimension propulsion or trigger loungy headwack reflexes, you always have a sound image in your head that can best be compared to enjoying the first Hubba Bubba chewing gum again. Artificial to the point of art and as sweet as only chemistry can taste. German-speaking Electropop at its best.

From the very first synth sound, the small electronic earwigs made of cotton candy unfold their effect. Inevitably one helps to suck these worms with gentle neck bouncing resistancelessly firmly.

OXO OHO, a powerhouse of two electrogremlins, which one likes to feed with sweets after midnight. Or: Anyone who has ever licked a flat battery knows what they are talking about.