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Watch Out! Festival für Jung und Alt 10. – 18.03.

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In the third edition of “Watch Out! Festival for Young and Old” internationally renowned choreographers and artists present entertaining and moving contemporary stage pieces. The first week of the festival is dedicated to “explore dance”, the nationwide network of dance for young audiences, of which HELLERAU has recently become a member. “Explore dance” focuses on flexible pop-up dance productions that can be shown at different venues. The international guest performance program of “Watch Out!” features three pieces from neighboring European countries: From Switzerland comes Tabea Martin with her play “Forever”, in which she asks questions about death and about eternal life. Viktor Černický from the Czech Republic, on the other hand, playfully explores the boundaries between dance and circus in his solo “PLI” together with 22 concert chairs. And Miet Warlop from Belgium, who has been a guest at HELLERAU several times, dissects the eternal problems of human coexistence with absurd comedy – with a running table, a colorful smoking cottage and a frustrated fuse box.

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explore dance – Network Dance for Young Audiences

 The cross-state network explore dance aims to develop a sustainable structure for the production of contemporary dance pieces for young audiences. In the summer of 2022, the extraordinary TANZPAKT project was expanded to include an additional partner in the form of HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts. Explore dance aims to open up access to dance and participation of artistic experiences to all children and young people, regardless of their place of residence and social context, with mobile pop-up dance productions that can be quickly set up and performed in different locations. 

Three pieces by local artistic teams are being created in Dresden and the surrounding area, enabling the art form of dance to be opened up away from the stage – in school rooms, museums, cultural centers or in public spaces. In mid-January 2023, the first work “Wo drückt der Schuh?” by Jana Schmück, Mami Kawabata and Eve Gubler will celebrate its premiere at the Johann-Gottlieb-Fichte elementary school in Bautzen. This will be followed in March and September 2023 by the world premieres of the works “Swan Lake in Sneakers” by Anna Till and Nora Otte at the Marie Curie Gymnasium in Dresden and “Peng! Peng!” by Rika Yotsumoto and Daniil Shchapov.


Part I

As a visitor, you might already be familiar with a festival like this in HELLERAU. But what actually happens behind the scenes the year before? How are the pieces selected, what is explore dance and how is all the publicity created?

In March, the festival Watch Out will take place in the Festspielhaus HELLERAU and on this occasion we asked some of the team exactly these questions. Be curious! 

In Part 2 of the podcast on Watch Out! you can find out more about how the artists from all over the world and their stage sets come to HELLERAU, what is important for the artists and the team in emergencies in the evening and what the piece “Forever!” by Tabea Martin is all about. Why eternal life and death? Why a stage set and costumes made of white plastic? Listen in now!

Moderation: Chiara Magirius (FSJ Culture, Audience Development)

Part 2

The Watch Out! Festival is just around the corner and there is still a lot to plan and organise. How do the artists get to HELLERAU? How are the different stage sets created and what happens if someone forgets their costume?

And speaking of costumes and stage sets: What’s the deal with the white look in Tabea Martin’s play “Forever!” and why does she want to address eternal life and death in a play for children?

All this and more in Part 2 of the podcast on Watch Out!

And if you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, make sure you do! Because there we’ll hear more about everything that happens in the HELLERAU team to get such a festival off the ground, to make it visible and what it’s all about with explore dance and the pop-up plays as part of Watch Out!

Moderation: Chiara Magirius (FSJ Culture, Audience Development)

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Encore! Active post-show discussions in the classroom 

You were with us at the Tabea Martin or Miet Warlop performance? Then we’re coming to your classroom now! With interactive exercises and insights into the production processes, mediators:inside from HELLERAU come to visit to let the experience linger and reflect together.

The dates can be arranged directly and make it possible to directly link the stage and the classroom in terms of time and content. 

free of charge 

Duration: 45 minutes

Inquiries about the format and festival attendance for schools:

Christopher Utpadel (Audience Development | Cultural Education)