Photo: Alexander Schubert

Immersive Sounds

What has long been a central theme in the film and games industry is becoming increasingly interesting for the concert and music theatre sector as well: Immersive sound concepts. The history of such concepts does not begin with technical developments such as the Fantasound System of Walt Disney Studios in 1940, Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, Le Corbusier’s Philips Pavillion in 1958, Iannis Xenakis and Karlheinz Stockhausen or wave field synthesis and Dolby Atmos. Rather, spatial sound concepts have been anchored in global music history for centuries in a wide variety of forms and formats.

In the coming years, HELLERAU will focus on both current technical/digital developments in music and architectural/analogue spatial sound concepts in order to explore new potentials for accessibility and creativity and to expand listening habits. In addition, new projects on this technical/artistic theme will be co-developed and performed in numerous international collaborations and networks.

Today:  Mon 11.12.2023
Happy New Ear
Sat 13.01., 20:00, 17/8 €
2023/24 Musik Happy New Ear Immersive Sounds
in vain
Fri 02.02., 20:00, 23/11 €
2023/24 Immersive Sounds Konzert
music for strings
Fri 15.03., 20:00, 17/8 €
Sale starts 18.12.
2023/24 Musik Immersive Sounds
100 Cymbals
Sun 07.04., 20:00, 17/8 €
Sale starts 18.12.
2023/24 Musik Immersive Sounds
Fri 12.04., 20:00, 17/8 €
Sale starts 15.01.
2023/24 Musik Immersive Sounds
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