#WOD: Whose War/Whose Peace

10.–19.02. #WOD: Whose War/Whose Peace

On the 78th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden in World War II, #WOD – Weltoffenes Dresden commemorates the violence and destruction in Europe and worldwide with events and installations in the city space. 

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Project HELLERAU - A photo collage project by Olha Filonchuk

Kherson region in the south of Ukraine was occupied by Russia from the first days of the war. After 8 months, it was partly dismissed, but turned into a front line.

The artist Olha Filonchuk now deals with the photographs she took in peaceful times in those territories. Transforming pictures into collages, she explores her own feelings, memory and identity, the coexisting of nature and a human and the consequences of destruction. She deals with the pain that leaves wounds and scars both in the souls of people and on the body of the planet.

While photographing the nature reserves and unique landscapes, Olga could not imagine what she will see for the last time. Now most of those places are destroyed. How long will it take for the nature to recover from the suffering? What new forms, smells and sounds will appear here? When will birds turn back?