Exhibition Residence Prize 2021 and 2022: from 8 April – 11. June 2022 in HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts

The exhibition is open one hour before and one hour after the events in HELLERAU.The newly assembled jury, which this year includes the photographer and curator Daniel Blochwitz as well as the Bolognese photographer Francesca Cesari, has deliberately chosen the current theme “COUNTERPARTS”: after the pandemic year and a half, photographic introspections are currently often about self-images, likenesses, self-portraits, counter-designs in the image – but also about the opposite, the others, the opposites.

The winners of the PORTRAITS Awards 2022 will be announced at the vernissage on 7 April 2022 (1st prize: 5,000 EUR, 2nd prize: 2,000 EUR, 3rd prize: 1,000 EUR, residence prize: a working residency at HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts followed by a solo exhibition). All the works from the final round will be presented in the large annual exhibition at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden. And in HELLERAU, the current Residence Prize winner Natalia Kepesz (Poland) will be showing her work next door to her successor.

A series of public events and a number of curated solo exhibitions, the so-called “satellites”, round off the competition programme. The new PORTRAITS exhibition catalogue, the seventh in total, is published by the Kunstagentur Dresden.

Further information: www.portraits-hellerau.com

Vernissage of the Great Annual Exhibition: 7 April 2022 in the Dresden Technical Collections

With the kind support of Tiefenbacher Rechtsanwälte | Steuerberater, mazars, OBERÜBER KARGER Kommunikationsagentur GmbH, Kunstagentur Dresden, PIGMENTPOL Sachsen GmbH, Fotokabinett Dresden, ILFORD und Union Druckerei Dresden GmbH

Winner of the Residence Prize – PORTRAITS HELLERAU Photography Award 2021

The “Bitwa” project deals with historical reconstructions and re-enactments of the most important battles on Polish territories. At the same time, post-apocalyptic LARP games are also considered in to the project. Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is a form of role-playing games in which participants physically represent their character. The procedure of the project consists of taking analogue black and white photographs, of which only the portraits are colored. This makes the creation of new realities in the LARP games visually experienceable, as well as the experience desired by many players to “bring to life” the old black and white war photos and to bring the reality of war closer to today’s viewer. The own, newly created world of LARP games reveals parallel realities through coloring, which can be brought closer to the viewer thanks to the technology that deals with historical photos today.

The Polish photographer Natalia Kepesz lives and works in Berlin. After studying cultural sciences and art history at the Humboldt University in Berlin, she studied photography at the Ostkreuz School in Berlin. She uses photography as a means of self-expression to identify with hidden qualities of her character, better understand her reality and express her interpretation of the world around her.


Winner of the Residence Prize – PORTRAITS HELLERAU Photography Award 2022

“Hanging on” is an open story of self-discovery, the crumbling of mental health by severe OCD, and it’s reconstruction. The works are self-portraits taken by Gullichsen between 2016-2020. The works deal with difficult topics through nature – how gray mosses eat man up, providing security from the world, but at the same time excluding him from everything. How a white winter landscape is suddenly interrupted, and the image and mind are filled with pitch black smoke. The works combine secrecy, the forces of nature, the battle of light and shadow in unnatural situations in a forest landscape familiar to all Finns. 

Svante Gullichsen, b.1994, is a Helsinki-based photographer whose work varies from strong Nordic and mystical atmospheres to warm and insightful commissions. At the very core of Gullichsen’s work is the relation between human and nature as well as the fundamental relation between darkness and light. Gullichsen’s works debuted in his first solo exhibiton ”Hanging on” in Nykyaika and it received loads of positive attention and great media coverage. His works can be found from various private collections.