Goosebumps for duckfaces 

POPISTERROR is an artistic hybrid of music, image, video and dance. A cheerful hodgepodge. A flashy snapshot of the strange world of today. A powerful snapshot in bright colors against a dark backdrop. A gallop of possibilities. Goosebumps for duckface faces.

The project first took shape as the POPISTERROR Temple in October 2019 during the Dresden DAVE Festival in the form of a walk-in installation. Back then, there was a continuous loop for all senses to experience. 

In a way, Bandstand is home territory, as the POPISTERROR temple opened its doors in HELLERAU back in 2020. And once again in 2024, two visitors can take a seat in the temple at any time to stare wide-eyed into the confetti cannon.


Idea: Thomas Natzschka thomas-natzschka.de
Music: Thomas Natzschka, Alec Troniq alec-tronique.de
Dance: Mandy Unger, Tony Schwadtke, Lilli Horvath
Installation & Costume: Anna Maria Münzer
Video & Direction: David Campesino, Javier Sobremazas
Set Hands: Philipp Bellmann, Daniel Natzschka, Bente Ehrig
CI & Documentation: Philipp Bellmann
Choreography: Mandy Unger, Tony Schwadtke
Technology & Construction: Dirk Kühnel, Dirk Oberländer

POPISTERROR is funded by the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the City of Dresden.