Daniel Theiler

The work Zusammenführungsanlageby Daniel Theiler encourages dialogue on overcoming social polarisation. On almost all topics and commemorative occasions, supporters and opponents are increasingly irreconcilable. In his work, opponents enter imaginary doors into an illusionary room without an exit, where they can settle their differences at a round table. The small room is also representative of our earth and its limited resources: if people of different colours want to coexist peacefully on it in the future, they must dare more togetherness. The humour hinted at in the work can help with this.

Part of the work is also a live performance on 13 February, 14:00, duration: approx. 15 min.
The performance takes up the opposites visualised in the merging installation and adds an acoustic dimension to the spatial illusion. This develops from an initial dialogue into an appeal for a more constructive togetherness. 

Press realease

To commemorate the destruction of Dresden in World War II, #WOD – Weltoffenes Dresden would like to invite you to a large joint poster campaign in public spaces from 9 to 22 February and an artistic examination of the events of 13 February 1945.

In recent years, the #WOD – Weltoffenes Dresden association of Dresden’s art and cultural institutions has built bridges from the past to the present with the themes of remembering and forgetting in order to ask what a common tomorrow might look like. In 2022, the common commemoration will be based on the theme of peace. Accompanied by the motto WORLD – OPEN – (THINKING), we are looking at people in many places around the world who, knowing about the past, want to shape a common peaceful future in the present.

How do we deal with the legacy of the generations that preceded us? How does a society transform itself from an exceptional situation of exclusion, violence and war into a peaceful, democratic coexistence?

Peace is still not a given. The past months have shown how quickly one normality can be replaced by a new one and what social efforts this involves. Sometimes it only takes a small impulse to get a whole movement rolling. Humanity and thus peace are facing huge global challenges, be it the climate, the Corona pandemic , human rights violations or economic conflicts. In the week around 13 February 2022, #WOD is looking to the future: Where are people currently working for peace? How can we together THINK WORLD – OPEN – (THINK)?

In very different ways, the artistic contributions of the cultural institutions, designed in a joint appearance and at the same time programmatically diverse, will invite passers-by in Dresden’s urban space to think about peace and plural forms of future-oriented (thinking). #WOD – Weltoffenes Dresden reflects on the relationship between history, present and future and makes the city’s central squares tangible as places of shared dialogue.

The cultural institutions will present a poster art campaign at various locations in Dresden’s cultural city space and at the Radebeul location, with individually selected, large-format image motifs, some of which have been specially designed for the campaign by artists, with photographs and with quotations that invite people to pause and reflect.