Future Laboratory Inclusion + Performing Arts in Saxony

In cooperation with LDKS - Landesbüro für Darstellende Künste Sachsen e.V.


What does an inclusive, diverse and participatory theatre look like? How can it be designed & implemented? And how can exclusionary tendencies be counteracted?

On 19 December 2018, the future laboratory DIVERS! will be exploring these questions in lectures, performances, panels and workshops at the European Centre of the Arts in Hellerau. It is less about social work or therapy than about contemporary theatre art on the subject of inclusion.

For the first time, theorists*, activists* and artists* will present their working approaches, methods and experiences on inclusion and performing arts in Saxony for discussion. Viennese choreographer Michael Turinsky, for example, will give a lecture on physical diversity in the field of choreographic composition. Or Gerda König (A 13 tanzcompany, Cologne) together with Jenny Coogan (Palucca Hochschule, Dresden) will focus on the various approaches to diversity in artistic education in a workshop. In addition to a theoretical approach to the inclusive performing arts, performances (among others by Farbwerk e.V. or um(2)räumen by Wagner Moreira & Helena Fernandino) will present sensual and physical approaches.

„Common Ground in Diversity” 2017  | Choreographic Research with matanicola


(subject to alterations)

From 10 am – 1 pm sign language interpreters accompany Scouts – sign language for all the events.

from 09:30 am, foyer
Reception and accreditation

10 am, Dalcroze Room, 30 min.
Welcome and intervention
Coming together

Performance | farbwerk e.V. (Dresden)

In Kooperation mit dem Ensemble El Perro Andaluz und farbwerkwurde im Mai 2018 korrespondierend zur Ausstellung “Rasse” im Hygiene-Museum Dresden das inklusive Konzert- und Tanzprojekt „Coming together“ zur Aufführung gebracht.

Unter der Leitung der Theatermacherin Jacqueline Hamann und der Tänzerin und Choreografin Nora Schott hat ein inklusives Ensemble bestehend aus professionellen Tänzer*innen und erfahrenen Darsteller*innen mit Behinderung auf Grundlage zeitgenössischer Musik tänzerische Szenen zu dem weitgefassten Thema Begegnung entwickelt. Eine Reise durch menschliche Gefühlswelten. Was entsteht aus der Begegnung zweier oder mehrerer Menschen? Wie begegnen sich unterschiedlich sozialisierte Personen? Was entsteht aus der Begegnung verschiedener Körper? Diese Fragen lagen dem Ansatz in der Arbeit zugrunde. Sinnliche Momente, Zärtlichkeit, Ablehnung, Unsicherheit…

Im Rahmen von “Divers!” zeigt farbwerke.V.einzelne Auszüge aus dem Programm.

Tanz: Alexei Bernard, Mara Fink, Lilly Horvarth, Antje Kaufmann , David Köhler, Robert Laubner, Diana Weidelt | Choreografie: Nora Schott | Konzeption/Regie: Jacqueline Hamann

Eine Kooperation von farbwerk e.V. und dem Ensemble El Perro Andaluz,korrespondierend zur Ausstellung “Rasse” im Hygiene-Museum Dresden.

10:30 a.m., east side stage, 45 min.
Key Note I
Access All Areas – anders dabei sein
Lecture Performance | Gee Vero (Leipzig)

In her lecture Gee Vero shows why inclusion is actually quite simple and how it can succeed before, on and behind the stage to be simply quite normally different. Gee Vero’s focus is on autism because of your being, but it still affects all of us because we all have our own different perceptions.

Gee Vero was born in Grimma in 1971. She studied English/American Studies and lived in London from 1993 to 2001. Since 2013 Gee Vero has been a freelance artist, speaker, author and bridge builder.

11:15 am, side stage east, approx. 45 min.
Key Note II
On Diversity, Inclusion and Disability Aesthetics in Contemporary Theatre
Lecture | Noa Winter (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz)

12 noon, Dalcroze Room, 60 min.
Structures I
Including theatre work in freelance projects and workshop context
DISKURS | Lis Marie Diehl und Noa Michalski (Meine Damen und Herren, Hamburg), Manuel Gerst (Monster Truck, Berlin), Jaqueline Hamann&Silke Stuck(Farbwerk e.V., Dresden),Lisette Reuter (Un-Label, Köln)

12 noon, Nancy Spero Room, 60 minutes.
Structures II
Mehr DIVERSITÄT! – Proaktive Arbeit in Verwaltungen und Verbänden
Diskurs | Carolin Huth (Programmassistenz, Diversity Arts Culture Berlin), Johanna von der Waydbrink (Servicestelle Inklusion im Kulturbereich beim Landesverband Soziokultur Sachsen, Dresden)

1 pm, Great Hall

2 pm, side stage east, 60 min.
Lecture performance | Siegmar Schröder (theatre laboratory, Bielefeld)
In this lecture/performance we open up an alternative view of a very special father-child relationship. Siegmar Schröder – artist and father – reflects in his very own way what living together with a child from another star means.
The performance mixes perspectives and elements – sometimes documentary theatre, sometimes drama and sometimes comedy. Videos are shown and stories told, authentically and privately. They give a deep insight into Paul’s world and that of his family, they show the reactions of the environment, they deal with therapeutic attempts, endless legal disputes, successes and failures.

Direction and play: Siegmar Schröder (Theaterlabor, Bielefeld)

3 pm, Dalcroze Room, 60 min.
The consistency of the disagreement.
Composition-theoretical reflections on physical diversity in the field of choreography.
Lecture | Michael Turinsky (Vienna)

3 pm, Nancy Spero Room, 60 minutes.
Who is the audience in a “theatre for all”?
Aesthetics of access in the theatre for deaf and hearing people
Lecture | Rafael Ugarte Chacón (Leibniz University, Hanover)

Rafael Ugarte Chacón (Leibniz Universität Hannover) studied Theatre Studies and General and Comparative Literature at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Università degli Studi Roma Tre in Rome.

His dissertation on Theater für Gehörlose und Hörende (Theatre for the Deaf and Hearing), written at the Institute for Theater Studies at Freie Universität, was published in 2015 under the title Theater und Taubheit (Theatre and Deafness). Aesthetics of access in the art of staging.

Parallel to his doctoral thesis, he worked as assistant director and dramaturge in theatre and film projects with deaf and hearing people (Possible World).

4 pm, Dalcroze Room, 60 minutes.
Presentation and mediation forms
Dikurs | Andreas Meder (Lebenshilfe gGmbH Kunst und Kultur), Dirk Förster (LOFFT – Das Theater, Leipzig), Frauke Wetzel (Hellerau – European Centre of the Arts, Dresden)

4 pm, Nancy Spero Room, 60 minutes.
Diversity in artistic education
Workshop | Prof. Jenny Coogan (Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden & Gründerin von ArtRose e.V.), Gerda König & Gitta Roser (din-A 13 tanzcompany, Köln), Marion Müller & Jana Zöll (Tanzlabor Leipzig)

5 pm, Dalcroze Room, 45 minutes.
Summary and outlook
Discourse | Karin Mannewitz & Maria Scholhölter (Research Fellow, TU Dresden, Chair of Educational Science with a focus on “Inclusive Education”)

6 pm, side stage east, 60 min.
Performance | Wagner Moreira und Helena Fernandino
What happens when two dancers simultaneously – rearrange themselves – rearrange themselves? rearrange(2)deal with the outer, physical and inner psychic space and their relationship to each other. It questions whether evacuation is merely an everyday activity. Why does one rearrange? Sometimes things no longer fit into their old place and a new place has to be found for them. That’s how it is in us. Can we move ourselves and others around?  Here the focus is on arriving, living together and playing together as a continuation of a theme of space.

Artistic director choreography/performance: Wagner Moreira | Project manager choreography/performance: Helena Fernandino | Assistant/ Sign Language Coach: Daniela Krabbe

7 pm, Dalcroze Hall
Chill-Out | DJ Felix Wewerka (Berlin)

The programme is complemented in the entrance hall by a Media Point with works by Farbwerk e.V. Dresden, Cee Vero, Meine Damen und Herren Hamburg, Tanzlabor Leipzig and Tanzfähig Berlin.
In the West-Foyer farbwerk e.V. shows photo works.