Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

2023/24 Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company Tanz Kulturpass
Photo: Eike Walkenhorst

With WELCOME the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company presents two new works by the young guest choreographers Kristin Ryg Helgebostad and Sergiu Matis.

In “Wesenwelt”, choreographer Kristin Ryg Helgebostad and composer and carillon player Laura Marie Rueslåtten explore how each individual is an indispensable part of a complex whole, a whole that is in constant flux. The ensemble morphs into a choreographic “group instrument” capable of creating an infinite number of worlds that can evolve and transform into ever new, unknown spaces. What results from the concerted efforts are vulnerable, absurd and humorous situations. It’s all about the fragility of togetherness, caring for each other, and what it means to do something different than what’s expected. “Wesenwelt” is a choreographic group concert that allows the audience to experience the music visually. It is inspired by change ringing, an ancient bell-ringing tradition reminiscent of a choir with a range of voices. The sounds are visualized by an ensemble of different, changing bodies.

“Warpscapes” is inspired by the visionary power of utopian thinking, and it underscores how crucial hope is for artistic responses to today’s pressing issues, such as the climate emergency and the loss of biodiversity. The photographic camera and the art of painting have repeatedly captured nature as an idealized and inert landscape. Yet the environment is in perpetual motion and dance, in contrast to photographs and paintings, offers the possibility of enlivening these aestheticized representations by adding movement and emotion – not to humanize nature, but to consider what is human in a more nature-centric manner. 

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is a contemporary dance ensemble under the artistic direction of Ioannis Mandafounis. It develops, presents and communicates dance with the desire to bring people together, inspire and excite them about dance. The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company combines contemporary thinking and dance tradition by experimenting and rethinking and developing traditional notions of choreography. Ioannis Mandafounis’ understanding of dance is unmistakable: the application of the methodology he has developed brings to the stage a dance and choreographic result that is improvised but appears as if planned. This empowers the artists and creates a collaborative process between the dancers and the audience.


Kristin Ryg Helgebostad is a dancer and choreographer who combines a wide range of performative and chorographic strategies in her practice. She studied contemporary dance and choreography at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway, and now works with a range of partners. Her pieces have been performed at various festivals and have toured Europe. She created “Soil Girl” and “Spoiler” together with the trio Berstad/Helgebostad/Wigdel. Laura Marie Rueslåtten is one of Norway’s few professional carillon players. Together the two artists founded the handbell ensemble Ula Metall and created the pieces “Me Too/Thee Too” and “Cheers”.

Sergiu Matis is a Romanian choreographer living in Berlin since 2008. He created dance performances such as “Neverendings” (2017), “Hopeless.” (2019), “Extinction Room” (2019), “Unrest” (2021), “Drang” (2022) and “Blazing Worlds” (2023). His work has been presented at festivals throughout Europe. His dance practice can be understood as a tireless search in physical and digitalized archives. His performances provoke intense experiences that break with expectations, point to a new understanding of dance and reflect the complexity of our time.