The Silent Burn Project

Akram Khan Company (GB)

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“We realise the importance of our voices only when we are silenced” Malala Yousafzai

The Akram Khan Company celebrates its 20th anniversary! Akram Khan, one of the most innovative choreographers worldwide, uniquely combines languages of Indian Kathak and contemporary dance in his choreographies. The Akram Khan Company has been a guest at HELLERAU several times and would have presented their piece for children “CHOTTO XENOS” in March as part of the festival “Watch Out”. The guest performance will be made up for and we are happy to present the latest film “The Silent Burn Project” with and about Akram Khan, his company and the projects of the last years.

“After twenty years of unearthing, discovering, and retelling through new lenses, this is a moment for me to reflect and to look back at the footsteps that we, at Akram Khan Company, have taken collectively.” Akram Khan

A Message from Akram Khan Company

We’ve always believed our audiences are the final collaborators who help us complete our work. By doing so it reflects back to us. We have invited you to listen and to dream as we speak through dance. For this we are truly grateful. Now we are inviting you to participate in our future.

Please support us by making a financial contribution, and stand by us as we look to preserve our artistic values and allow them to flourish in the next twenty years.

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“Potent tribute to a powerhouse” Lyndsey Winship for The Guardian

“Beautifully stitched together, this programme has been designed as an immersive experience. […]
The aim of The Silent Burn Project was always going to be ambitious, but there is a real sense, after watching this programme, that you not only understand how the Akram Khan Company works, but what it stands for. This is a dance company that thinks very carefully about what it says, and how it says it. The Kathak tradition is rooted in the ability to tell stories. What matters to Khan is whose story we are telling. By using the influences of traditional and contemporary dance, and allowing one to inform the other, Khan’s choreography is not only a celebration of the past, but a bold and expansive step into the unknown.” Helen Tope for The Reviewshub