Anne & Lawrence Halprin: Tanz & Architektur – Formen der kollektiven Kreativität

Julia Bojaryn und Jana Schmück (DE)

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On the occasion of Anna Halprin’s 100th birthday, this lecture is dedicated to the life and visionary working approaches of the dancer and her husband, landscape architect Lawrence Halprin.

Their joint work was influenced by the philosophy of the Bauhaus school. Collective creativity, interdisciplinary work and the development of the RSVP cycle are essential characteristics and results of their creative work.

The couple, with their consistent radicalism in artistic experimentation and the constant overcoming of existing conventions, were always on the lookout for ways to combine art with social reality. Thus the Halprins shaped much of what later became commonplace with their ‘participatory art’.

Anna & Lawrence Halprin lived and worked exactly according to this principle: dance and architecture are created with and for people.

Julia Bojaryn (Foundation House Make-up) | Jana Schmück (TanzART e.V.)

“For me, radicalism is the key to being a contemporary artist. This includes reacting to what is happening in the world. […] I am interested in art that is connected with life, in which social, political, spiritual and aesthetic threads are interwoven in a real way…”. (Anna Halprin, 2015)

“As Larry inspired me with his sensitivity to the environment which influenced my experiments, I influenced him in my use of movement audience participation as I pioneered new forms in dance. This combined exhibition shows the impact we had on each other throughout our lives and I hope it helps people understand our work better. Anna Halprin 2015

 “This time in our history as a national community and a global community requires courageous acts of imagination and creativity from us all.

Can we be artists of creativity itself, in all forms and mediums?

My prayer for the new year: let the healing arts and the creativity that lives at the essence of all humanity continue to inspire and encourage each of us to make a contribution to the world”. Anna Halprin


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