© Paul Plamper

Subservient Ghosts

Paul Plamper (DE)

German, French and Bayangam with German, English and French surtitles | spoken by Sandra and others
Hüller | On 15.09. Audience talk at 10 pm

Paul Plamper is one of the most original and productive radio play and audio artists in Germany. His audio installation “Subservient Ghosts” deals with opposing migratory movements and only seemingly distant times: in 1905 a destitute young woman, spoken by Sandra Hüller, leaves Berlin and emigrates to the German colony of Cameroon. In 2015, a young man from Cameroon sets off for Germany. Europe’s colonial power and the consequences as parallel assembly.

The audio installation was premiered at the Ruhrtriennale 2017. The radio play was awarded the German Radio Play Prize 2018.


Colonial times:
All texts and roles: Sandra Hiller

Martin Gouambo: Olivier Djommou
Sprachlehrerin Laura: Britta Hammelstein
Sprachklasse: Ainulla Nasari, Cepan Alrasul, Ulrich Ngoeyap, Marteza Maqsudi
Mitbewohner Henning: Fabian Hinrichs
Partygast: Marion Czogalla
Vermieterin: Gabi Bornschein
Handwerker: Klaus-Peter Lüdicke
Wohnungssuchende: Clarice Peter
Chefin Silke Krämer: Cristin König
Kollegin Claudia: Judith Lotter
Ma Jackie: Jacqueline Ekombo Itondo
Kameruner Verwandte: Alvine Makuate
Polizist: Danny Bruder
Justin Nobong: Richard Djif
Kellner: Venant Ntiomo Nigounde
Projektleiterin Wüste: Françoise-Nicole Ndoume
Zollbeamter: Dr. Tobbit Dieudonné
Seeleute: Remco Schuurbiers, Bebek Welten
Kapitän: Pieterjan Jacobs

German, French and Bayangam with German, English and French surtitles | spoken by Sandra and others
Hüller | On 15.09. Audience talk at 10 pm

Duration: 2 hours, one break

We kindly inform you that this work involves historical documents containing racist vocabulary.

Concept, script, direction, editing and translation into German:
Paul Plamper
Collaboration on concept, research, colonial history and space:
Jelka Plate
Dramaturgical consulting and collaboration casting:
Richard Djif, Péguy Takou Ndie
Casting and translation into French:
Elise Graton
Translation into English:
Ben Fergusson
Leonard Prandini
Recording, mixing and sound design:
Titus Maderlechner
With music by:
Schneider TM und Hakali Ensemble
Assistant director, editing and translation into German:
Elena Zieser
Assistant director and editor:
Hans Broich-Wuttke
Martina Müller-Wallraf
Production management:
Christine Nicod

A production of the WDR Hörspiel in Koproduktion with Bayerischer Rundfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur, the Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk and the Ruhrtriennale. Supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

A project of HELLERAU – European Centre of the Arts within the RAC – Refugee Art Center HELLERAU.