Strategies of Remembrance

Dresden Memorial Culture between pedagogy and emotion


The sculpture “9841” was erected in 2012 on the grounds of the Festspielhaus by the artist group BEWEGUNG NURR. It is reminiscent of Johann “Rukeli” Trollmann, the German boxing champion in the light heavyweight of 1933, who was persecuted and murdered as Sinto in National Socialism. NURR wrote: “In media, politics and everyday consciousness, prejudices against Sinti and Roma are constantly repeated. In the fight against racism and antiziganism no one may lean back.

This monument came into political discussion last year and is to be moved from the Festspielhaus to the Ostrapark. Now, for the first time, the artists of BEWEGUNG NURR themselves have their say.

In the panel, the resulting questions will be discussed controversially: Can memorials do justice to this concern? Can a monument also have a performative effect as a political action in the here and now? How emotionally charged is Dresden’s monument culture? And what is the political influence on it?