Spinner Light Solo Showing Serie

Charles Washington/Pinkmetalpetal Productions (GB/DE)

Tanz online

Spinner light is a choreographic work based on the colour theories of Kandinsky. It was finally realised as a film that premiered on the 19th of December 2020. The work consisted of 4 solos and a group section. The solos are improvised movements composed of Kadinskys theories taken from his book Point and line to plane. In the four solos, the soloists engage with the movement tasks reinterpreted to their body parts or body system, which become the stimulants of enquiry to move.

Charles Washington Interview in our Online-Magazin.

The expression of colours in one’s own personal connection to the body, reflects a resolution of the unconscious state of the body in its individual parts.

Me Love Forest

Starting from the heart, points A and B are connected. The joints are permeable. By crossing the extremities, different forms are created in the body. Alternating between fast, throwing movements and slow, tense movements, the layers I have chosen are connected.

My layers: the heart, the joints, muscle fibres | initiation points: Elbow, knee, hip, back of the head, sole of the foot.

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