Songs of Cyborgeoisie


Single-player game with live concert

What does a future look like in which technologies, people, flora and fauna exist in harmony with each other? In “Songs of Cyborgeoisie. The Game,” the duo BBB_ explores how technological dystopian fears influence our idea of the future and speculates on a co-evolutionary scenario. As a “single player,” the audience takes an audio-visual journey through science fiction worlds and enters into the perspective of various technological, organic, and fantastical beings.

“Songs of Cyborgeoisie. The Game” is an invitation to engage with the technological status quo in order to imagine the future in the first place.

BBB_ is a technologically advanced cross-disciplinary project, which works on the intersection of music, performance, art, design and contemporary philosophy. It was founded by Alla Popp and Alexander Sahm in early 2015. Through experimental electronic music and immersive setups, BBB_ seeks ambivalent situations taking place at the interface of the human and the inhuman existence and speculates on various states of mind, relationships and self-perception, altered by socially and emotionally intelligent digital technologies.

Duration: 1 h

Don’t miss it! 22.10. carbon based interfaces BBB_, Sarah Ama Duah, Katja Cheraneva

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