carbon based interfaces

BBB_, Sarah Ama Duah, Katja Cheraneva


Opening the festival Hybrid Play, BBB_, Sarah Ama Duah and Katja Cheraneva give insight into their joint exploration of the idea of the hybrid and its representation on stage: What role does the physical body take on stage when it is in relation to its digital avatar? To what extent does the IRL (in Real Life) body become an organic interface with digital reality? How does physical space change as it transitions to the digital realm? Where else but on the Internet, on the screen, and in VR are the physical and virtual worlds connected? Does the hybrid consist only of the physical and the virtual, or are there other layers to be discovered in between?

“Carbon based interfaces” was created in the course of a HELLERAU residency and, designed as a pre-show, captures this research project as well as the specific artistic approaches of performer and costume designer Sarah Ama Duah and performer and choreographer Katja Cheraneva performatively and in excerpts.

Duration: 30 min.

Don’t miss it! 22.10., 23.10., 24.10. Songs of Cyborgeoisie BBB_

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