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Princess, Eisa Jocson (PH)

Publikumsgespräch im Anschluss

Tanz Performance

In movies and amusement parks, the Disney empire has made Snow White the epitome of the happy girl. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong, princesses enchant audiences with waving and laughing. Choreographer Eisa Jocson looks at this seemingly universal performance of happiness from a special perspective: Disneyland Hong Kong is one of the most important employers for Filipino dancers* in the region. Due to their skin colour, however, they are only cast in nameless supporting roles. Together with the performance artist Russ Ligtas, Eisa Jocson appropriates the physicality and language of Snow White, thus opening up a playground of identities.

In her pieces, Eisa Jocson deals with the entanglements of gender, affective work, migration and corporeality. In 2010 she won the title of “Pole Art Champion” in Manila. Eisa Jocson’s work has been regularly shown at renowned theatres and at international festivals such as Tanz im August, Theater der Welt, Mannheim, TPAM Yokohama, Beursschouwburg Brussels.