Practicing Empathy #1

Yasmeen Godder

Performance Tanz 2022/23

Since 2019, choreographer Yasmeen Godder and her company have been developing the “Practicing Empathy” series, which has given rise to a wide range of projects that explore forms of empathy.

With “Practicing Empathy #1”, the first project in this series, the company forms a large, fascinating dance piece that gently and empathically engages the audience.

“Practicing Empathy #2by2 is a non-verbal, interactive movement format that invites two audience members to dive into a shared experience with two dancers. No dance skills are required, only the joy of new forms of social encounters.

“Practicing Empathy #3 is an impressive solo by Yasmeen Godder. A touching plea for caring for each other emerges from a t.nzeric self-reflection on one’s own relationship to others, on the need for community and demarcation.