PPNews: Gesichter

Armada of Arts (DE)

An urban intervention in Dresden's inner city | World premiere | Please bring weatherproof clothing.

PPNews, Armada of Arts, Foto:  T. Schulz

An old gold-plated heart, spit, the tobacco factory, meticulously restored facades: The news programme PPNews, conceived as a story walk, tells stories from the city and paints an unusual picture of our time. The public space itself becomes the object of the news, while live puppetry and film claim truth and staging.

Packaged in short stories, the mobile news programme reports on current political topics in Dresden. A newsreader guides us through Dresden’s inner city, where public squares become the backdrop for puppets and performances.

Armada of Arts is a collective of artists from Dresden and Berlin. They work interdisciplinary and in solidarity. With their works they reveal blind spots and question concretely and entertainingly fixed images in times of inhuman opinion-making. Radical, precise and delicate.