Plattenbauten – Inseln der Gegenwart

Maximilian Hanisch/Sarah Methner (DE)

Premiere | Artist talk afterwards on 04.06.


In the GDR, one in four people lived in a prefabricated housing estate. And anyone who didn’t live there knew someone from the “Plattenbau”. For some, they stand for dreariness and social decline. Others defend them and with them their biographies and memories. Prefabricated housing estates are extremely widespread because of the simplicity of modular construction. They exist all over the world from Moscow to Paris to Copenhagen. Even if they were not built modularly everywhere, they look remarkably similar. Could the interchangeability and similarity of prefabricated buildings be an opportunity to rethink an East German idea of home and identity in a sustainable way? Could the way of building, often discredited as ugly, be a kind of aesthetic link between experiences in different places in the world? Could the “Plattenbau” be a gateway to the world in which it is possible to understand history as something common?

Talk: Platten Bauten Gegenwart on 04.06. 21:30, The event takes place here via Zoom.
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