Annalyzer, Covic, de Rooij, Jina, Mdluli, Schupp (RSA, NL, CH).

PINK MON€Y is about pink money. PINK MON€Y is queer. PINK MON€Y is international. “pink money” is the currency, which buys you tolerance, assumed, that you can pay for it. pink money encourages black and white thinking. PINK MON€Y abandons it. PINK MON€Y doesn’t like lables, but rather celebrates our differences. PINK MON€Y is performance, party and protest in one. Bring your (pink) money!

PINK MON€Y is an international collaboration of artists Annalyzer, Djana Covic, Nico de Rooij, Kieron Jina, Mbali Mdluli and Antje Schupp. “pink money” describes the purchasing power of the LGBTI+ community, especially one that relates to tourism. Who spends this money and who gets it – at what cost? will be content of PINK MON€Y.

Club evening by and with: Annalyzer, Djana Covic, Nico de Rooij, Kieron Jina, Mbali Mdluli, Antje Schupp

Twin-pack event

Idea: Antje Schupp

Performance: Annalyzer, Kieron Jina, Mbali Mdluli, Antje Schupp
Performing Vocalist: Anelisa Stuurman aka Annalyzer
Visuals & DJ: Mbali Mdluli aka Miz Buttons

Choreography: Kieron Jina
Scenography and Visual Dramaturgy: Djana Covic & Nico de Rooij
Costume Design: Marie Fricout, Sithembiso Mngadi
Oeil Extérieur: Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs

Production Management: Bernhard la Dous (produktionsDOCK), Thabiso Pule (Creative Tree)

A born2perform production in coproduction with Kaserne Basel, PATHOS Munich and Netzwerk Freier Theater. In collaboration with Soweto Dance Project, Municipality of Johannesburg, University of Johannesburg Arts&Culture and Studio SIDF.

With the generous support of
Fachausschuss Tanz&Theater BS/BL

Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art
Jacqueline Spengler Stiftung
Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung