Post Uit Hessdalen (BE)

5 – 99 years | In his truck, Pakman invites the audience for a rhythmic circus performance.

Theater Performance

Pakman lives faster than a mouse click. He drives across the country to deliver parcels – always on time. 1 parcel, 2 forms, 3 stamps, 6 signatures, 450 times a day, 159,750 parcels a year and in return 10 days’ holiday.

Pakman is a single and invisible man in a fictional world. On board his truck, Pakman invites the audience to a rhythmic (circus) performance.

Pakman is a dialogue between juggler and drummer. Together they trace the hectic pace of our time and observe the effects this has on natural rhythms such as breathing and heartbeat. They let the jumping balls interact with the drums. Sometimes in unison, sometimes totally disharmonious.

An exciting game between juggler and drummer. With the help of their extraordinary power they break up the oppressive and monotonous work of a courier in a very imaginative way. (De Morgen)

The show is a wonderful example of what theatre is so good at: entertaining and creating empathy. (The Guardian)