Open Studios

Resident artists from the Hungarian independent scene

2023/24 Nebenan Open Studio Residenz Tanz Performance

In cooperation with the Workshop Foundation – a platform for international residencies and co-productions in Budapest – three residency projects by young dance and performance artists from the independent scene in Hungary have been selected.

In an Open Studio, the artists Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó, Helén Tamaskó and Katalin Bitó will share the working processes of their four-week residencies through excerpts from their projects and will enter into conversation with each other and the audience.

The discussion and feedback session will be led and moderated by Gergely Talló and Brigitta Kovács of the Workshop Foundation.

Duration: ca. 3 h (It is possible to join in any time)
Language: English 


Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó: “RAW quakes”

During their residency, performers Haibo Illés & Richárd Melykó are working on the project “RAW quakes”, a research-based performance that explores the impact of earthquakes on theaters, in particular on buildings and their aesthetics, from a theoretical approach. Through that they address the importance of the theater as a safe space, but also its frail and unpredictability. The work around the earthquake in a cultural-political context is situated between the intersection of performative use of space and lecture performance.

Helén Tamaskó: “While I decay”

As soon as someone dies, decomposition starts right away. A few minutes after someone’s heart stops beating, the process of death begins with cellular self-digestion. Far from being ‘dead’, a decomposing human body is teeming with life, it is the cornerstone of a vast and complex ecosystem. The dancer Helén Tamaskó researches the process of decomposition through a somatic durational movement exploration. She asks herself:

“How can I decay while dancing? How can a body deconstruct its surroundings? How can we collectively decompose within a performance context?”

Katalin Bitó: “Lonely Islands / Gazdátlan szigetek”

With the project “Lonely Islands / Gazdátlan szigetek “, dancer Katalin Bitó examines how various paid jobs – which she has pursued in addition to her artistic freelance work – influence her dance practice. She deals with her own position and the state of burnout and loneliness in the young independent scene in Hungary:

“Self-fragments, lonely islands of my fallen apart life… Why I’m not able to see them as a complete whole? After all deeply inside they are all connected and feed each other … I have the feeling that this kind of disjointedness is created by an outside force…”