Ohren sehen

Lea Moro

Cool down 2021/22 Tanz Performance

The warm asphalt – the make-up of the city – throbs and vibrates. You feel musty soil, smell coloured smoke and connect with the movement of water molecules in the air. Who is speaking from the branches of the sewers? Why does the air tremble? And who is dancing with us, on bare concrete? “Seeing Ears” is a dance piece for young audiences from the age of 8 and all generations. On a polyphonic audio journey out of the theatre, the audience encounters a series of living beings that speak for themselves. 

 Concept, chorégraphie : Lea Moro 

Dramaturgie, script : Moritz Frischkorn  

Co-chorégraphie, performance : Sophia Neises, Sharón Mercado Nogales, Julia Turbahn 

conception sonore : Andres Bucci aka Future Legend 

conception des costumes et des décors : Nina Krainer  

conception lumière : Martin Beeretz 

Collaboration artistique chorégraphie : Kiana Rezvani 

Co-composition des chansons : Jana Sotzko 

Assistante costumière : Molly McDonnell 

Contributions textuelles : Harriet von Froreich (lichen), Ira Melkonyan (nuages), Luisa Pardo (serpent) 

Intervenants:à l’intérieur : Vernesa Berbo, Moritz Frischkorn, Lea Moro, Julia Pohl, Birte Schnöink 

Chant : Moritz Frischkorn, Sharón Mercado Nogales, Lea Moro, Sophia Neises 

Enregistrement audio, mastering : studio lärm 

Mastering chansons : Falk Andreas – Blank Room Audio 

Soutien technique son : Bátor Tóth 

Accompagnement dramaturgique de la production (Tanzhaus Zürich) : Simon Froehling 

Production, management : Hélène Philippot 

Tournée : Mirjam Sadjak