Mystery Magnet

Miet Warlop (BE)

on 18.01. public discussion afterwards

Theater Performance

Mystery Magnet is an absurd and magical show in continual transformation, where nothing is what it seems. It portrays contemporary surrealism, an experimental terrain where outlandish tenderness, desensitised cruelty, brilliant promises and an unstoppable destruction all share the same space. The observer steps inside Warlop’s mind, and what do they see?
Hairy beings, a choir of mannequins, gravitational darts, balloons, horse-women, people rushing off and an inflatable shark. Figures with no apparent connection and sculptures that reclaim their place as theatrical creatures.

“Mystery Magnet depicts an enchanted world where humour is born of sadness and magic of the prosaic”, says Warlop.

A universe inspired by comics and pictorial action, with the aim of developing an endless battle of materials, shapes and colours.

The result is a succession of scenes that are woven without any apparent logic, seeking to surprise the observer and to bring them, along with the actors, to the very limits of the imaginable.