Mit Echten Reden (1): Das Ellenbogen-Prinzip

Tanja Krone (DE)

Dresden premiere | Audience discussion on 29.10. 22:00 o'clock

Performance Theater

Frankenberg/Sa., 1989/90. Tanja Krone is 13 years old and hears only one sentence: “You have to learn to extend your elbows now!” 30 years later she interviewed parents, siblings, old school friends* and teachers. Who remembers the historical moment and how? How does the system change appear in one’s own life?

Two players – one 13, the other 43 – lend their voices to the other players. And extend their elbows. Krone contributes the soundtrack, which has yet to be invented: fragments create new pasts and multiple futures.

Tanja Krone is a director, curator, performer and musician. In her works, she deals with art as a space of possibility and the aspect of social participation, and she is constantly searching for poetry in the documentary. As the ‘rule of art’ she put democracy to the test (2017-2018) at the institution in Mannheim that is foreign to art, gave the residents* of Esslingen unlimited guidance in the construction of their city of women, and since 2017 has been touring through European pedestrian zones with the European House of Gambling and struggling for a new economic order.

Last year she staged CRASHTEST speculations about the future at the Bürgerbühne with young Dresden women under the guidance of young people.