Nothing New in the East, or Who Wipes Whose Butt


2023/24 Premiere Theater Performance

Sunny and Julia are married and run a small advertising company called “Worte trauen. An advertising contract co-financed by the Free State of Saxony is intended to revive the influx into the Free State. On their journey through Saxony, they pick up Laila, a Polish hitchhiker who is on her way to a nursing job in Augsburg, but decides spontaneously to accompany the couple on their research trip. Together they end up in the spa town of Bad Elster, where Sunny disappears without a trace one afternoon. Aziza, queer and a police officer, takes on the case.

“Nothing New in the East or Who Wipes Whose Butt” raises pressing questions: What about the Slavic-Germanic neighborhood? What about the relationship among the Germans? Who looks at whom and how? And who earns from what? Power relations are negotiated on the basis of the topic of care for the elderly and precarious labor structures. The stage becomes a projection surface for various attributions, the characters a mirror of the bitter and vulnerable human condition.

The themes for the play and the video material for the production were created on a 10-day research trip through Saxony:

travel diary

missingdots works for the first time with queer-feminist author Kaśka Bryla and shows contemporary text theater.

Duration: 1 h 15 min
Language: German

Performance followed by an audience discussion on 05.10. 

“Missing dots” is a term taken from printer language and means “missing screen dots”, missing areas in the print. They occur predominantly on rough or uneven surfaces of the print substrate. The artist network missingdots investigates the missing dots on the rough or uneven surfaces of reality and society. missingdots is made up of professional artists from various disciplines who work together as a production collective on one or more occasions. The collectives find their subjects in and beyond Dresden, on the street, in schools, allotment settlements, neighborhoods and asylum shelters. In the artistic realization, stages are rearranged, places in public space are occupied, buildings are played on, and interactive audience arrangements are developed.

Idea: Julia Amme, Kaśka Bryla,Nora Otte
Author: Kaśka Bryla
Director: Nora Otte
Acting: Julia Amme, Aziza Bouidezkane, Laila Nielsen
Outside Eye: Duygu Ağal, Jasmina Rezig
Costume and stage: Steffi Rehberg
Video: Katharina Groß
Sound, music: Clemens Levin
Lighting design: Martin Mulik
Public relations: Frieda Pirnbaum
Object construction: Gerd Hänsel
Production assistance: Freya Gemeiner