Mein Leben – Ein Tanz (La Chana)

Lucija Stojevic

Documentary, ES 2016, 85 min., Spanish with German subtitles


“The presence of this woman alone makes the film an experience.” –

Under the name “La Chana” Antonia Santiago Amador was one of the big stars in the flamenco world. Worldwide she inspired the audience in the 60s and 70s with her unique dance style. The British acting star Peter Sellers, with whom she can be seen in “Bobo is the Greatest”, eben invited her to Hollywood. At the height of her career, however, La Chana suddenly disappeared from the scene. After 30 years of stage abstinence, the flamenco icon, out of love for dance, begins to work on her comeback and gives the audience a deep yet entertaining insight into her life, on and behind the stage.