Dávid Somló

2023/24 Nebenan Performance

In “Mandala”, Dávid Somló immerses the entire audience in a resonant soundscape. Equipped with portable loudspeakers and their own composition, the visitors follow the lines of a geographical sketch of the floor, so that each person’s movement contributes to a shared symphony of sound. The coordination of movements is complex and requires constant non-verbal negotiation, resulting in different movement patterns that almost resemble a dance. Depending on how the temporary community formed by the participants acts, the choreography also unfolds, which is why each performance is completely unique. In this way, Dávid Somló uses simple elements, structures and instructions to create immersive situations that allow the audience to explore relationships with sounds, everyday movements and interactions in new ways.

“Mandala” was commissioned by Oxford Contemporary Music in 2016 and has been performed over 100 times internationally since its premiere – whether in a swimming pool (Bulgaria, 2019), a courtyard (Cairo, 2022), a busy city square (Budapest, 2016), an ancient monument (Turkey, 2021), a forest (Nagykovácsi, 2017), a large garden (Prague, 2019) or a black box theater (London, 2016).

Duration: ca. 1 h
Without the use of language

If you buy two tickets for “Nebenan/Mellettünk” events, you will receive a 50% discount on the cheaper ticket (can only be booked at the visitor center and at the box office)

Dávid Somló is a sound artist based in Budapest. His artistic practice focuses on spatiality and interactions. He is an associate artist of the public space performance network IN SITU and the Placcc Festival and co-director of the theater and performance class at the alternative teaching institution FreeSZFE. He often works in site-specific contexts and in public spaces worldwide.

His works have been exhibited all over the world – e.g. in the program of: Prague Quadriennale (CZ) / Festival d’Avignon (FR) / Passage Festival (DK) / FiraTárrega (ES) / D-CAF (EG) / Festival XS Bruxelles (BE) / 4+4 Days in Motion Festival (CZ) / FIME Sao Paolo (BR) / Istanbul Fringe (TR) / Sonorities (NIR) / Mais Imaginarius (PT) / Montag Modus (GER) / UH Festival (HU) / Placcc Festival (HU). He is an associated artist of the performance network for public space IN SITU and the Placcc Festival.