Nora Schott und Darina Umanskaja mit dem Fachbereich Tanz des Heinrich-Schütz-Konservatoriums Dresden

Premiere Young Stage Tanz Familie 2021/22
Airless space. Pressure without end. Physically impossible. Yawn.
Brain cells fall into coffee. Boredom. Still lack of time. Stress is red. Movement from the inside out. 
Puberty can’t last forever! Enough then. 
Where have my curls gone? I liked them so much. 
At least my eyes are pretty. Aren’t they? 
Everything used to be so simple. Being tall used to be so beautiful. And now? 
Crumble, crumble. Sneakers, stilettoes. 
Pressure – pressure – pressure 
Pulse – Pulse – Pulse 
Love – Lock – Lost 
Lock – Clock – Bock 
Hybrid, presence. Real. 
Real life. Totally out of it. This piece is about everything. Everything that is on at the moment. 
Duration: 50 Min.
German language
+ The performances on 20.06. 9:00 am and 11:00 am are also offered as school events. Enquiries to Christopher Utpadel, utpadel@hellerau.org, T +49 351 264 62 37

Choreography: Nora Schott and Darina Umanskaya with the Dance Department of the Heinrich Schütz Conservatory Dresden

Performers: Dancers of the Heinrich-Schütz-Conservatory Dresden 

Project management: Petra Steinert 

Musical direction: Clemens Amme 

Compositions: Clemens Amme, Moritz von Oswald, Isidor Freynhagen 

Costumes: Vinzenz Schechner 

Graphic Design: Vinzenz Schechner 

Texts: The texts were written in collaboration with the ensemble. 

With the support of Tanzträume Dresden e.V.