Let’s dance! Tanzwochenende für Kids

Workshop Tanz Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company 2022/23

8 – 12 YEARS

This workshop shows the diversity of dance. We improvise with our bodies and learn different dance styles, from hip-hop to contemporary dance. This is all about having fun with dance, and kids with and without previous experience are welcome.

After a playful warm-up at the beginning of each training session, dance instructor Manuel Gaubatz teaches cool moves and unusual dance steps. This trains coordination and physical fitness. Together, the kids develop their own choreography, which is recorded on video at the end of the workshop and can be taken home for private use as a memento of the weekend. The course strengthens expressiveness and self-confidence.

21. April, 16 – 18 Uhr

22. + 23. April, 10.30 – 12.30 Uhr