with Julia Gonchar & missingdots

Come Together Lesung 2022/23
Foto: Jennifer Rohrbacher

In a staged reading, the Ukrainian author Julia Gonchar and the Dresden collective missingdots will present selected texts from the environment of the Author’s Theatre in Kiev, which was supposed to open in March 2022. Its authors are currently scattered all over the world as refugees. Julia Amme and her collective missingdots will read some of the texts in German translation.

The Ukrainian author and playwright Julia Gonchar is a member of the contemporary theatre collective theatre of playwrights/театр драматургів in Kiev. missingdots met her during her residency at HELLERAU this year. This encounter gave rise to the idea of a reading of her texts, in which Julia Gonchar documents her thoughts, feelings and conversations since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The performative reading will be accompanied by live video by Daria Veshtag.

Duration: 1 hr., Ukrainian with German translation

Nora Otte (D) | Director

Julia Amme (D) | Acting

Julia Gonchar | (UKR) Author 

Daria Veshtak (UKR) | VJ/Composer  

Olena Bushevska (UKR) | Acting 

Vira Dumke (UKR) | Photography