Miller de Nobili

2023/24 Premiere Tanz Theater Breaking Audiodeskription Kulturpass
Photo: Alexander Miller

Unconscious memories, ghosts of the past, visionary imaginations of new worlds – in their new dance theater production, the Dresden duo Miller de Nobili delves deep into the abysses of the human subconscious. André Breton described man as an “incorrigible dreamer”, Sigmund Freud saw dreams as the guardian of repressed and unconscious aspirations. How do we deal with media hyperpresence and neoliberal productivity, with experiences of war, pandemics or climate change? Miller de Nobili and their dance ensemble understand the playful power of dreams as a form of emancipation and empowerment, as a tool for transforming intercultural, social processes and problems. In their new piece “Labyrinth”, they take up the mechanisms of the dream world choreographically and create a hypnotic, energetic dance theater, a new world between social reality and dreamy utopia. In their distinctive, unique form of dance theater, Miller de Nobili use influences from breaking and urban dance as well as contemporary dance, text, performance and language.

Fr 29.03. there will be an audience discussion held after the performance. 

Friday 29.03. “Labyrinth” will be shown with live-audiodescription. There is also the possibility of taking part in a tactical guided tour one hour before the performance starts.

Please register in advance to take part in the audiodescription and tactile guided tour with Jule Fuchs. Via E-Mail: or via phone under the number: 0351 264 62 37.

Miller de Nobili was founded in 2020 by Maria Chiara de’ Nobili and Alexander Miller to artistically combine their passions for breakdance, contemporary and urban dance theater and performative techniques. Maria Chiara de’ Nobili comes from Italy, where she also received her training in contemporary dance and gained her first choreographic experience at the Venice Biennale, among others. Alexander Miller co-founded the Dresden-based breaking crew The Saxonz in 2013 and studied Visual Communication in Weimar until 2017. Together they completed the MA in Choreography at the Palucca University of Applied Sciences Dresden. Miller de Nobili has enjoyed a close partnership with HELLERAU since its foundation. The first full-length work “PACK” was premiered at HELLERAU in 2021 as part of the TANZPAKT festival “Dancing About” and received an invitation to Tanz plattform Deutschland in 2022. Miller de Nobili was last a guest at HELLERAU with “Don’t you dare!” in November 2022.

Choreography: Maria Chiara de’ Nobili & Alexander Miller 
In collaboration with the dancers: Fabienne Deesker, Niklas Capel, Philip Lehmann, Nam Tran Xuan, Alessandro Ottaviani, Natalia Vagena. 
Dramaturgy: Marie Glassl 
Light Design: Geohwan Ju 
Scenography: Sabine Mäder 
Costume Design: Antonia Krull 
Music: Gábor Halász 
Production management: Michael Lippold 

 ‘Labyrinth’ is a production by Miller de Nobili in co-production with Hellerau – European Center for the Arts and Residenzzentrum Tanz+. Supported by: AGORA – Cite Internationale de la Danse, and Centro Coreografico Canal. 

Supported by the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the City of Dresden, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and PS-Lottery funds of the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden.