Kulturgarten Opening

with Alica Minar & Dorota Michalak, Highway Patrol and AE

Musik Kulturgarten 2022/23

To kick off the season, we invite you to the Cultural Garden for a concert, barbecue and exchange. 


3 p.m. Alica Minar & Dorota Michalak Lush Blast – Performative Walk. 

4 p.m. Highway Patrol – Concert 

17 p.m. AE – Concert

“Lush blast” follows the concept of wilderness as a tool to let go of control and celebrate the richness of life. A performative walk where attention is drawn from the intricacies of biological processes, to the orchestration of the various bodies that help shape Hellerau. The walk begins on Portikus in front of the Festspielhaus and continues through the immediate surroundings of Hellerau. Along the way, stories, songs and exercises are tried out to direct attention and perception and stimulate the imagination. Senses are drawn to the small movements, connections, and impulses of the wilderness in the surrounding area. The narrative is woven in a hybrid fashion, combining live performance, archival footage, and a live sound installation.  

The project “Lush Blast” was developed within residencies at HELLERAU by Alica Minar and Dorota Michalek.

Meeting point: Portikus, 3:00 p.m. 

Duration: 60 min.

Language: English

Registration is requested via dold@hellerau.org  

Choreography & Performance: Alica Minar, Dorota Michalak 

Sound & Performance: Ola Zielińska 

Dramaturgical assistance: Maikon Kempinski

Highway Patrol saw the light of day in the clutch of an alligator in the swamps of Louisiana, near Leipzig. Fed from the unfathomable sources, a sound between voodoo blues, wild rhythm and western soul was created, which enchants you and carries you into distant worlds. The summer can come!


Impure pop duo AE, lives and works in Berlin. The*Indonesian singer:in and producer:in Akila and the*half-Bolivian, half-Danish singer:in and instrumentalist:in Elias O Graversen explore the dualities they face as aliens both in their home countries and in their native Berlin. In their songs, love often becomes a metaphor for aspects of their identities such as queerness and alien-ness, offering an inspiring and liberating moment.   

Their debut album “Small Hands,” which they also worked on during a residency at HELLERAU, is out April 1, 2022.

Duration: 1 h.