Bandstand 2023

Concerts with mit Coma, Flausen & MC Dauerwelle, Moritz Simon Geist, Running Pine und UNA RAY a.o.

Bandstand Musik 2022/23

Concert evening with Moritz Simon Geist, Coma, UNA RAY, Running Pine and participants of the Bandstand Song Camp.

Various bands and music projects make the Festspielhaus rattle, vibrate, sound and light up at Bandstand 2023. New sounds and music projects will be brought to the stage by Coma, Flausen & MC Dauerwelle, Joca, Moritz Simon Geist, Running Pine and UNA RAY, creating a frenzy of electronic sounds, pop, rock and alternative music.

The presentation of the Songcamp participants, who have previously composed new music together in HELLERAU, present their brand new results. While strolling through the Festspielhaus you will also meet the disc wiper Max Rademann with his record box as well as a special sound installation by Christine Börsch-Supan and you will have the opportunity to marvel at the Bandstand music videos from 2021 and 2022 once again.

The DJ’s Coline, Rakans and Shannon Soundquist will also mix up the evening with their electronic, experimental beats.

Duration: 6 hr.


The band Coma is a Dresden-based band that currently consists of three musicians: Tarek, Yara and Stefan. They released their first album together with Saleh Katbeh, a former band member and co-producer.

The band was born from the exchange of the members’ different backgrounds, mixing Arabic and European elements in a special and innovative way. Each track has its own distinctive sound and a meaningful name that highlights the diversity of the textures composed. From her own home studio, Coma manages to create a very individual style consisting of techno beats and oriental melodies, lively themes and atmospheric soundscapes. The energetic rhythms and powerful basslines combined with a modern approach to traditional oriental music are an enrichment for all listeners.

Coma is a project of the heart! All tracks are composed, arranged, produced and mixed by the band members. With similar ideas and values, the musicians share precious moments of their lives and translate them into a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere. In addition to the collaborative work, each member has their own expression. Yara’s violin and lyrical skills, Tarek’s vocals and oud melodies, and Stefan’s guitar harmonies and basslines are the spirit of Coma.

After completing their music education, Tarek and Yara had to leave Syria due to the war and settled in Dresden in 2016, where they met Stefan. The spontaneous meeting at a mutual friend’s party led to an exciting conversation that night and later to a jam session. The musical vision and the desire to learn and have fun more from each other form what is now Coma.

Band Members:

Yara Abou Fakher – Violin Stefan Mohrmann – Guitar Tarek Alhammad – Vocal & Oud

Genre: Electronic oriental music 


Seit 2019 mischen die zwei Rapperinnen Flausen und MC Dauerwelle die Leipziger Rapszene auf. Vor allem live liefern sie gemeinsam mit ihrem DJ und Produzenten kulmbach eine starke Performance ab, mit der sie stetig neue Herzen gewinnen. In ihren Texten heben sie sprachliche Fäuste gegen Sexismus, Kapitalismus, Rassismus und Gentrifizierung, um ihrer Wut über gesellschaftliche Zustände und erfahrene Diskriminierung Luft zu machen. Gelegentlich darf aber auch geschmunzelt werden, wie ihre kürzlich veröffentlichten Videosingle „Die Rupfung“ unter Beweis stellt. Fans von eingängigen Flows und feministischen Zeilen auf einzigartigen Beats kommen hier voll auf ihre Kosten!

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It’s all about feeling. Joca’s songs reflect his emotional world, which oscillates once across the spectrum of human emotions – he gets along without misanthropy, racism and anti-feminist content. His lyrics are accompanied by the finest, artfully arranged samples that his DJ & producer Franzman could find in the back corners of dusty record stores. The two make art that comes from the heart. Straight from the heart. And the heart beats on the left. They stand for tolerance and cosmopolitanism and enter stages to distribute love and make people happy. 

The 2 protagonists live in the Gallic village of Saxony – the Dresden Neustadt. Shielded in the protection of the quarter, the two live in a parallel world whose parameters they set to music. The result is music that sounds refreshingly different from the German rap mainstream. The last album “joclevski” was released in 2021 on 12″ vinyl. The new album will be released in 2023.

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Moritz Simon Geist is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer. He started because he wants to invent the future of electronic music – with robots! Moritz projects range from robotic music performances to robotic sound  installations.

“Geist’s robots aren’t meant to simulate humans or a band, but to  fulfill specific, finely tuned tasks, like industrial machines. These  are new machines, manufacturing a new kind of machine music.” Fast Company

His robotic instruments and performances have been shown in numerous European festivals and exhibitions throughout the last years and was awarded numerous international awards. From 2015-2020 Moritz taught on the progression of technology and society at the NYU Berlin, Clives Davis Institute.

His background is both as a  classical musician and a robotics engineer, with an expertise in  prototyping technologies and 3D-Printing. Moritz lives and works i Dresden, Germany where is Workshop-Studio is located.

Film and video recordings will be made during the performance.

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Portrait XO (she/they) is an independent researcher and artist who creates musical and visual works using traditional and non-traditional methods.  In collaboration with Dadabots, they won the award for “Best Experiment” at the VUT Indie Awards 2021 and the Eurovision AI Song Contest Jury Vote for the “Most Creative Use of AI” in 2020. Her development in the field of audio-visual AI art has been driven by several artist residencies at NEW NOW FESTIVAL and BBA Gallery in 2021 and Factory Berlin x Sonar+D in 2020.  She explores computational creativity, human-machine collaboration and explores new formats and applications for forward-thinking art and sound.  With her art and activism collective CO:QUO (CO-CREATE STATUS-QUO), she has a monthly radio residency at Refuge Worldwide Radio, is building a community of hybrid artists at SOUND OBSESSED, and is a founding member of IASAS (International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists).  Her first research-based AI audiovisual album ‘WIRE’ will be released on 9 December 2022 as the first of its kind on web 3.0 and all traditional formats: NFT on vinyl.

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Katharina Lattke, born in Pirna in 1987 as the youngest daughter of a very musical family, I started taking violin lessons at the age of 6 and switched to drums at 15. After graduating from high school, I studied at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden and the Norges Musikkhøgskole Oslo. 

As a freelance drummer I am now active in various bands, compose and produce music for theatre and other projects and teach children and adults.

For my work I received the “Denkzeit” scholarship from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony in 2020, followed by scholarships from the German Orchestra Foundation and GEMA in 2021 and the #TakeHeart scholarship from the Fonds Darstellende Künste in 2022.

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Payman Hedayatifar AKA Running Pine started his musical voyage with singing  And song-writing in his mother country , Tehran – Iran . Through developing his own unique atmospheric electro pop sound , he Found himself releasing on major labels such as Afterlife and Renaissance Records Alongside respected artists such as Mind Against , Fur Coat to name a few .With plenty of futuristic soundscapes and emotional vocal melodies to be delivered ,Running Pine has yet to reveal his true touch on Electronic music .

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UNA RAY is an electropop project from Berlin with queer-feminist background and claim. The musical focus is on mixing atmospheric synthesizer sounds with catchy pop melodies and melancholic lyricism. The participants come from different artistic backgrounds such as theater, costume design and film, which is also reflected in the visual realization of the music. The project became known in early 2022 with the first music video “Wrong Forever”. This was followed by the EP “Never Ending Sorry”, and most recently the music video “Everyone Said” was released.

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Inga Oder ist die Songwriterin der Leipziger Band Kapa Tult. Der inhaltliche Fokus ihrer Texte liegt auf der Beobachtung von zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen aus einer feministischen Perspektive. Auch Kritik an Leistungsgesellschaft und Klimakatastrophe werden laut. So konnte Kapa Tult beim FM4-Protestsongcontest 2018 den zweiten Platz erreichen und auch die Pop-Camp-Jury von sich überzeugen. Gemeinsam mit ihrer Band Kapa Tult veröffentlicht Inga Oder nun in diesem Jahr das Debüt-Album „Es schmeckt nicht“.

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Die Arbeit is a music group from Dresden that plays German-language postpunk and wave. The quartet formed in early 2018 and has since left its mark in very many corners. After first single and video releases, it came to the collaboration with the dance and theater artists of JuWie Dance Company in performances in public space. A concert at the Festspielhaus HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts was recorded and the resulting video material was used for the scenic accompaniment of a film and audio installation for Arthur Schopenhauer’s anniversary year. On numerous single and festival concerts as well as support slots for “Friends of Italian Opera”, “Wolf Mountains”, “Vizediktator” and “Frustrations” as well as a performance in the JVA Zeithain Die Arbeit could convince with its prose and timbre and quickly find allies.

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Inga Oder is the songwriter of the Leipzig band Kapa Tult. The focus of her lyrics is on the observation of interpersonal relationships from a feminist perspective. They also criticize meritocracy and climate catastrophe. Thus, Kapa Tult was able to reach second place at the FM4 protest song contest 2018 and also convinced the Pop Camp jury. Together with her band Kapa Tult, Inga Oder is now releasing the debut album “Es schmeckt nicht” this year.

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Accompanying herself on piano and guitar, KAT sings dramatically beautiful chamber pop odes. We can expect glamorous pop from the kaleidoscopic cosmos of Kat Embo. Emotion, depth, grandiose musicality.


Like in a dialogue, Ellen Bonte questions the absurdities of today with humor. Subtly, the German and English lyrics play with the listener’s imagination and hit ambiguous hooks. Carried by the singer’s expressive voice and a brittle indie soul, the songs reflect the search for meaning that remains after ideals, illusions and ideologies have been crushed. Ellen Bonte started writing songs at 12, in her twenties she played solo on Fusion and in 2018 she founded the band Komplizen in Leipzig. In 2022, the debut album Manic Soul was released by Palmo Music.

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“Lean back” on head-nodding beats: Charming and laid-back, Dresden rapper La Rey spreads good vibes with her music. Behind this feelgood boom bap, however, is more than a permanent grin in the hammock. La Rey tells personal stories, admits fears and vulnerabilities, and doesn’t shy away from addressing the big issues in society and politics.” – Laura Clear

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The Leipzig-based double bassist/composer/concept artist Martin ‘Malo’ Riebel deals with improvisation as a social phenomenon and obsolete sounds. As a soloist he combines double bass playing with live electronics, various materials, tapes, loops and recorders – supported by self-built synthesizers, circuit-bending experiments and self-designed instruments. In 2020 he formed his solo project Malo Moray & His Inflatable Knee with musicians* of the international avant-garde (UK, US, GER, PL). Riebel is a laureate of the Popwettbewerb Sachsen 2022, scholarship holder of the Musikfonds, played since 2013 nearly 1000 concerts, performances and artistic interventions in DE, SE, DK, AU, UK, CZ, PL, collaborated with Theater- und Philharmonie Thüringen as well as Marc Urselli (more. Grammypreisträger), Robert Lucaciu, Philipp Scholz (both Echo Jazz) uvm. and recently commissioned compositions in Munich, Leipzig and Berlin.

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Nesh Light is a Hungarian singer-songwriter, living in Germany for 4 years. She has a modern, dynamic, emotional voice which she combines with acoustic and electronic elements. 

She is an ex-radio-reporter and ex-refugee camp-worker. A thirtysomething introvert, an Y Generation neighbor girl, a tomboy, who doesn’t like small talk. 

She is a free soul, a cautious rebel, writing songs about her social and ecological worries, personal struggles and her aha-moments. When she writes songs, she likes getting inspired by books, or great writer’s quotes.

Her biggest influences are Tracy Chapman, Jason Mraz, K T Tunstall, John Mayer, India Arie and Alec Benjamin. 


Her secret mission is connecting with great people through her songs, and hoping to bring them together around a stage in nature, in a library, an art gallery or a living room.

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Sonya Sytnyk ist Jazz-Pop-Sängerin, Singer-Songwriterin und Pianistin und lebt in Leipzig, Berlin und Zürich.

 Sonya ist in Kiew, Ukraine, aufgewachsen, wo sie ihre ersten musikalischen Schritte an der School for Jazz and Pop Arts machte und klassischen Klavier- und Jazz-Gesangsunterricht nahm. 2019 erhielt sie einen Studienplatz an der nach R. Glier benannten Städtischen Musikakademie Kiew. Ein Jahr später zog Sonya aufgrund ihres Jazz-Gesangsstudiums an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ Leipzig in die Klasse von Prof. Evelyn Fischer und Pascal von Wroblewsky nach Leipzig.


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Coline starts DJing in the millennium year 2000. In 2001 she plays her first gig. In 2004 Coline decides to move to Berlin to work in a record store and gain her first experience as a booker and on bigger stages. In early 2006 she goes back home and opens the Sven Väth Worldtour night in Dresden with a relevant set in front of over 4000 people. In 2007 Coline wins the international Girl DJ Contest at the Fuse Club in Brussels. Countless gigs follow throughout Europe.


As a booker she also sets accents in the Dresden area. With her first women’s party series ‘”female selection”, which she starts together with a DJ colleague in 2006 in the Dresden betting office, a fresh wind comes into the scene. Various event projects with artists like Electric Indigo, Tijana T., Julia Govor, Sol Ortega, Virginia, Carola Pisaturo, Oshana or Adi Shabat follow. Since 2016, Coline has been resident DJ and booker at Dresden’s TBA Club. Here she founded and organized the Pressure Vibes Festival in 2017 and 2018 – a festival for feminine electronic music, art and workshops. Since then, showcases have followed regularly.

In addition, Coline has been giving workshops and advocating for up-and-coming DJs for years. In 2008 she graduated from a producer school in Frankfurt am Main and since then has been tinkering with her own sound. Various tracks have been released on Robot Ranch Records, HarryKleinNetworks, MIRmusic, Techsound Bogota, Vokodek Venezuela, temp~records Vienna and the DJ Mag compilation. Look forward to an exclusive and deepe vinyl journey.

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Rakans is a DJ, an artist and a visionary. Experimental and eclectic approaches to art and music make his live sets and sound selection unique and wild. Rakans is a DJ and founder of Rawmantique party in Dresden. Rawmantique is a safe space whose main goal is to gather the alternative underground kids and give them a space to explore, whether they are sexual, social or psychological. Rakans’ flamboyant choices in fashion and music brought him to the center of attention of local and European collectives. Rakans has performed at the Boiler Room, and also at Hör Berlin. Also on the main floors of several renowned clubs such as Sektor (DD) Wilde Renate (BLN) Depot (Paris) KitKat (BLN) and many others. His work and background in Art Direction give him a love for aesthetics that has a touch of darkness, but is also full of life and imagination – which is evident in his artwork and productions. Rakan’s (of Palestinian origin) journey began in Beirut, a city that, like the tides, is in motion, full of change and instability. Between the oriental mosques and churches and the western malls and fashion brands, he has already experimented with avant-garde and pop music, performed in amazing clubs of Beirut like “The Grand Factory”, participated in the “RedBull Music Academy” and released an EP under the name LÜJAH, which was written about in many publications and local newspapers under the title “The Unpredictable Hurricane: Rakans”. His music often takes on an emotional and dramatic aspect, bringing love, sexuality and tenderness as main themes in the techno sounds that not only make the audience dance hard, but also return to their first instincts of sexual desire and pleasure.

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Antje Meichsner aka Shannon Soundquist is a sound artist, DJ, experimental ambient, noise and tekno producer and DJ (digital/vinyl).
As a DJ Shannon Soundquist plays Mental Tekno with a strong industrial touch from 150 to 165 bpm. Her sets are powerful, atmospheric, dark and sensitive in the same time. Subtle changes in the music give her sets drive. Hints to political discourses are included.

She played in clubs like Suicide Circus (Berlin), at Maze Club (Berlin), at CRK (Wroclaw, PL), Bike Jesus (Prague, CZ), Sektor Evolution (Dresden), Objekt klein a (Dresden), TBA (Dresden), Festspielhaus Hellerau, Tolerade, dgtl fmnsm festival, Zxxxo (Leipzig), at congress 36C3 (Leipzig), festival DAVE/SPECTRA, and in the Dresden underground.
Example: Mental-Tekno-Set für Soko Rave, Reihe „Count Down“, Dez. 2022

Antje/Shannon lives in Dresden, Germany. She studied Media Art in Dresden with Carsten Nicolai/ Alva Noto (Raster Noton) and recently with Nevin Aladag and Nicole Vögele.
Shannon is active in feminist networks related to electronic music – like feminist DJ-collective Prozecco (Dresden) and Femtek. She’s also active in the Dresden Freetekno-scene. 

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Und sonst so

Antje Meichsner / Shannon Soundquist ist Sound Artist und Radiomacherin. Sie arbeitet konzeptuell mit Sound, Text, Grafik und Typografie. Ihre Live-Sets sind cineastisch, düster, noisig, nicht-tonal und konzeptuell. Die Soundarbeiten basieren auf der De- und Rekonstruktion von Körpergeräuschen und Sprachmaterial, das poetisch um das Befinden des Subjekts in der Gesellschaft kreist. Ihre Arbeiten sind sowohl installativ / hörspielförmig als auch performativ. Ihre Forschungsfrage zu Sound ist: Wie können Körpergeräusche und Sprache in abstrakte elektronische Sounds gemorpht werden und umgekehrt? Wie fühlt sich die Grenze von Verstehen und Bedeutung an?

Antje Meichsner spielte bzw. stellte aus:
Deutschlandradio (Hörspiel) // DAVE SPECTRA // Staatliche Kunstsammlungen // Cynet Art Festival // Multimediale Biennale „Pochen“ in Chemnitz // Kunsthaus Dresden // Hochschule für Musik Dresden // dgtl fmnsm // HfBK Dresden, Oktogon, Klasse Carsten Nicolai // Kunsthaus Dresden // phonon~ (CZ, Usti nad Labem) // Institut für Akustik, TU Dresden // Tapetenwerk Leipzig // Circuit Circle // Rockefeller Center for Contemporary Art Dresden // Galerie 3 u.a.

* „Narcissist“, Tekno-Track auf Unusual Suspects 002
* „Genauso bloß anders“, Hörspiel auf Deutschlandfunk * Tapesampler „New Anxieties“ auf Crux Axul
* im Film „No Solo“ von Irène Mélix
* 1. Preis Hörspielfestival Berlin 2016 

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6-channel sound installation 

Vocal space, sound space, food. In “The Ritual Within” Christine Börsch-Supan explores her own rituals and practices, records them, layers, fragments and collages these recordings – and hands them over to the listener to participate, to listen in, to sink in. At once a space of experience and a sound body itself, the immersive sound installation “The Ritual Within” forms a place to listen, to pause, to get in touch with one’s own rituals, to resonate with them, or to be resonated by the sound in the space. 

The room Ritual #4: parts&places, which can be seen at the Bandstand, is an invitation to rest: to listen and to linger. The installation is free to walk through and experience, and there will also be live performances with the artist on Saturday evening.

Christine Börsch-Supan (*1987) is a composer, sound artist and musician living in Berlin. In her solo works she explores the use of voice and spatial sound, with her band HOPE she released two albums and tours internationally.

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Vinyllove – dear people – do you know what that is? Yes, it is possibly a somewhat transfigured, perhaps even kitschy form of love for music, that may be true. It is not only about what we listen to, but also how we listen to it. But it’s also good to skip Spotify and not have access to a seemingly endless list of thousands and thousands of tracks.

No, today we’re digging into Max Rademann’s record box. For this special date, he’s brought along a few golden gems (or what he thinks are) from his record collection. We smoothly let the black round slip out of its sleeve, place it on the turntable like the finest delicatessen and guide the needle to the groove. And while we enjoy injecting the ear sugar into our hearts and brains via the headphones, we have the opportunity to cradle a large square of cover artwork in our hands. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes at least interesting and – yes – certainly sometimes trivial.

And about everything, the music, the record, the cover, we can then chat, face to face (there are only two headphones), disagree or agree, but ideally we immediately put on the next song and let ourselves be carried away to higher spheres with a spontaneous soundtrack of the day.

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The music video now has a long, eventful, partly ambivalent, but necessarily also exciting and great history – and it definitely has a future: Following the success of the Bandstand music video format in 2021, brand-new music videos by selected bands were also produced in 2022, in addition to the now well-established residency cooperation with Musicboard Berlin and with support from the Musikfonds. 

From the numerous applications of the Open Call 2022, the Bandstand jury, Stephanie von Beauvais, Sarah Farina and Rosa Müller, selected music projects, bands and solo artists who live and work in Saxony. 

At Bandstand 2023 there will be the opportunity to listen to and admire the music videos of AMORE MEOW, Baumarkt, DRONE OPERATØR, EVÎN, H.C. BEHRENDTSEN, Lea Matika, Olicía and The Equipment again.

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