Concerts with Moritz Simon Geist, Coma, UNA RAY, Running Pine a.o.

4:3 Kammer Musik Neu Musik 2022/23

Concert evening with Moritz Simon Geist, Coma, UNA RAY, Running Pine and participants of the Bandstand Song Camp.

Various bands and music projects will make the Festspielhaus rattle, vibrate, resound and light up at Bandstand 2023. New sounds and music projects will be brought to the stage by Moritz Simon Geist and other representatives of the regional music scene, creating a frenzy of electronic sounds, pop, rock and alternative music.

Duration: 6 hr.

More info to follow.

Moritz Simon Geist is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer. He started because he wants to invent the future of electronic music – with robots! Moritz projects range from robotic music performances to robotic sound  installations.

“Geist’s robots aren’t meant to simulate humans or a band, but to  fulfill specific, finely tuned tasks, like industrial machines. These  are new machines, manufacturing a new kind of machine music.” Fast Company

His robotic instruments and performances have been shown in numerous European festivals and exhibitions throughout the last years and was awarded numerous international awards. From 2015-2020 Moritz taught on the progression of technology and society at the NYU Berlin, Clives Davis Institute.

His background is both as a  classical musician and a robotics engineer, with an expertise in  prototyping technologies and 3D-Printing. Moritz lives and works i Dresden, Germany where is Workshop-Studio is located.

“Geist is treating some important questions of the future,  like the perception of technology, the robotization of society or the  artificial intelligence, but still comes in a very playful and  entertaining way: through electronic music.” (ARTE)

The band Coma is a Dresden-based band that currently consists of three musicians: Tarek, Yara and Stefan. They released their first album together with Saleh Katbeh, a former band member and co-producer.

The band was born from the exchange of the members’ different backgrounds, mixing Arabic and European elements in a special and innovative way. Each track has its own distinctive sound and a meaningful name that highlights the diversity of the textures composed. From her own home studio, Coma manages to create a very individual style consisting of techno beats and oriental melodies, lively themes and atmospheric soundscapes. The energetic rhythms and powerful basslines combined with a modern approach to traditional oriental music are an enrichment for all listeners.

Coma is a project of the heart! All tracks are composed, arranged, produced and mixed by the band members. With similar ideas and values, the musicians share precious moments of their lives and translate them into a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere. In addition to the collaborative work, each member has their own expression. Yara’s violin and lyrical skills, Tarek’s vocals and oud melodies, and Stefan’s guitar harmonies and basslines are the spirit of Coma.

After completing their music education, Tarek and Yara had to leave Syria due to the war and settled in Dresden in 2016, where they met Stefan. The spontaneous meeting at a mutual friend’s party led to an exciting conversation that night and later to a jam session. The musical vision and the desire to learn and have fun more from each other form what is now Coma.

Band Members:

Yara Abou Fakher – Violin Stefan Mohrmann – Guitar Tarek Alhammad – Vocal & Oud

Genre: Electronic oriental music 


UNA RAY is an electropop project from Berlin with queer-feminist background and claim. The musical focus is on mixing atmospheric synthesizer sounds with catchy pop melodies and melancholic lyricism. The participants come from different artistic backgrounds, including theater, costume design and film, which is reflected in the visual representation of the music. The project first came to public attention in early 2022, with the first music video “WRONG FOREVER”. This was followed by the EP “NEVER ENDING SORRY”, and most recently the music video “EVERYONE SAID” was released. 

More info/videos/songs via:

instagram: @una_ray_