Composers for breakfast

Guest: Peter Ablinger (AT)

A Sunday morning concert with breakfast buffet.

Musik Gespräch

With “Voices and Piano” Peter Ablinger established a radically new musical approach to the human voice. He screened real voices and translated them into the language of the piano. Since 1980 he has been working on the work complex “Weiss/Weisslich”, which deals with the various aspects of white noise and makes use of various media: musical instruments, installations, objects, electro-acoustic pieces, prose pieces or music without sounds.

Ensemble Courage will not only perform various compositions by Peter Ablinger in his concert series “Composers for Breakfast”, but will also enter into dialogue with him. In “Studien nach der Natur” for six voices as well as in the piece “Weiss/Weisslich 5d” for three choral groups distributed in space, both the performers* and the audience are invited to act in a rather unusual way. In addition, the ensemble will present itself as a soloist with further works from the series “Weiss/Weisslich”.

Peter Ablinger
Studien nach der Natur: 10 kleine Stücke für 6 Stimmen (1995, 2002) , Weiss/Weisslich 5d (2008), Weiss/Weisslich 21c (Becken und Instrumente; 2011), Piccolo und Rauschen (Piccoloflöte und CD; 1996/97), Zeit halbieren (Akkordeon; UA), Violine und Rauschen („PAPILLONS“) (Violine und CD; 2003, 2016), Weiss/Weisslich 17c (Kleine Trommel und Rauschen; 1994, 2007), Weiss/Weisslich 17k (Cello; 1996, 2013)