Klasse macht Körper

A keynote talk by Sandra Noeth

2023/24 Diskurs
Photo: Sandra Noeth

How does social origin present itself in the body? How do experiences of exclusion and assimilation inscribe themselves in gestures, looks and attitudes that are often rehearsed over generations, yet nevertheless translate difficult to grasp, but extremely effective social demarcations onto the body. The keynote talk takes a look at the contemporary performing arts: a field in which social inequalities and privileges are often reproduced rather than dismantled when it comes to the understanding of knowledge and the body, speaker positions and structures. 

Duration: ca. 20 min

Language: German

Sandra Noeth is a professor at the HZT – Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin and works internationally as a curator and dramaturg in independent and institutional contexts. She is primarily concerned with ethical and political perspectives on body practice and theory and with dramaturgy in the context of contemporary choreography and performance. Her current areas of research include: Bodies under structural experiences of violence; the role of bodies in situations of conflict and war; and the potential of artistic practice and aesthetic experience to bring attention and agency to the systemic non/representation of specific bodies. In 2022, Sandra Noeth and Daniel Belasco Rogers curated the (online) lecture series “The Performativity of Class,” which took an intersectional look at the comeback of the concept of class with a focus on working conditions and realities in the fields of education and body-based performing arts.