interFACE digital pleasure center

dgtl fmnsm

HYBRID Box 2022/23

The new project of the dgtl fmnsm collective “interFACE digital pleasure centre” is an interactive performance space that deals with the multi-layered interfaces of bodies and technology in a political context. Through various “treatments”, visitors to the centre experience digitality as a healing strategy for bodily self-experience – for the regeneration of all pixels and cells. 

In the “digital pleasure centre”, the audience can experience interactive treatments that use tech speculatively. If the audience does nothing, nothing happens in the centre. The basis of the “digital pleasure centre” is the assumption that a pleasant interface exists or can exist between people and technology, an interface that must be designed, played with and tried out. Despite all the criticism of digitalisation, monopolisation and technologisation of everyday life, dgtl fmnsm pleads for the exploration of the emancipatory potential of tech – through its rethinking, hacking and queering. The digital pleasure generated by this audience engagement with technology is fed into a “pleasure meter” that is visible in the space for all to see. When this reaches a certain level, “pleasure rituals” (performances) are triggered. The audience interacts exclusively with Tech from the login to the logout process and is navigated through the centre by a Telegram chatbot. The focus is on the individual experience of each visitor, the playful testing of various technologies and the personal reflection on power dynamics between people and these. 

An interdisciplinary team of multimedia artists, designers, performers and curators is involved in the conception of the centre.

To participate in the treatments at the centre you will need:

Your own, fully-charged smartphone (Android, iOS).

… with internet access (WiFi)

… Telegram account (link)

… and your own headphones


Duration: 1 hr. 40 min.

Language: English


Concept: dgtl fmnsm Kollektiv – allapopp, Sarah Ama Duah, Ulla Heinrich, Philisha Kraatz, Echo Can Luo, Teresa Schönherr

Artistic direction: Ulla Heinrich, Philisha Kraatz

Technical direction: allapopp

Production management: Ulla Heinrich

Project Assistance: Alina Homann

Treatment Design:

Crotch Weather Station: OASIS/dotwet:  Iyo Bisseck, Petja Ivanova, Rain Rose, Kaya Zakrzewska


Mozilla Hubs Design: Echo Can Luo

Wrinkle Beauty: Sarah Ama Duah

VR “Unstable Matter”: Lisa Kaschubat

Curse Tablet Station: Andara Shastika

Face Filter: allapopp

Video editing log-in: Mira Rachel Hanak

Fonts: Lion Sauterlaute

Video Editing & Concept Documentary: Itohan Emonvomwan

Audio Design Mozilla Hubs & Support: Alexander Sahm

Pleasure Rituals:

Sarah Ama Duah, Rain Rose, Andara Shastika, Raras Umaratih, Kaya Zakrzewska

Visual Design: Teresa Schönherr

Costume Design: Sarah Ama Duah

Dramaturgical advice: Anna Fries

Space installation: Ulla Heinrich, allapopp

Sound design: allapopp

Programming Chat Bot: Esben Holk

Seating furniture from the exhibition “Power Banks”: Britta Thie


dgtl fmnsm / HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Co-production: Netzwerk Medien Kunst Dresden, HELLERAU- European Centre for the Arts Dresden,

Supported by: Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden. This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon State Parliament.

With the kind support of:

dgtl fmnsm has been exploring the interface of performance, technologies and participatory practices in theatre since 2015. The network acts as a hybrid between an aesthetically researching laboratory and a discursive feminist think tank, intertwining body and space through a fun and transdisciplinary approach. In dgtl fmnsm’s projects, feminist artists, activists and scholars work together between visual art, performance and social discourse on feminist, queer and tech-positive perspectives on technology narratives.

One focus of the collective work is the conception and realisation of walk-in and interactive spatial installations. The interdisciplinary projects of dgtl fmnsm involve aesthetic and theoretical agents who primarily use their bodies as a means of expression in the context of an elusive present between digital technology, net culture and political necessity.

dgtl fmnsm has curated and organised several festivals at HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in Dresden. At HAU Hebbel am Ufer, the collective was and is involved in the festival editions of “Spy on Me” and has explored hybrid and performative workshop and mediation formats in six episodes with the “FACE” series. In 2021, the collective curated an Open Call for Schloss Solitude’s online residency programme.