In Dresden links! — Audiowalk through urban spaces

willems & kiderlen

2023/24 Audiowalk

Right or left? Turn left! Dresden has had a right-wing image since Pegida at the latest. About a hundred years ago, however, the city was considered a red stronghold. What is there to this myth? And who calls themselves red today? Who calls themselves left-wing? And what does that mean for the individuals?

The audio walk draws a political as well as personal picture of Dresden’s (left-wing) urban society from targeted and random encounters with twelve people in Dresden and invites the audience to look at the city and their own position with a different eye. How does it feel to raise your fist? And how does it feel to take part in a political action? And why is it difficult, even till today, to wear a mohawk in Dresden? 

approx. 2 h

German, weatherproof clothing recommended, not barrier-free
Start: Herbert-Wehner-Haus (Devrientstr. 7)
End: The Walk does not end where it begins.

At the end of the audiowalk there is the possibility to finish the performance in a collectively organised café/venue. 

Meret Kiderlen: Text and direction

Peter Breitenbach: Sound design and music

Andreas Mihan: co-author, narrator

Linn Günther: assistance, research, narrator

Fridolin Mihan, Ole Siegemund, Felix Siegemund: children’s voices

Feat. Offbeat Cooperative and Amarny Jackson


With the voices of:

Janosch Förster (Herbert-Wehner-Bildungswerk)

Dorit Hollasky (Alliance for Care Dresden)

Nils Rübelmann (“Ende Gelände” climate protests)

Lara Edtmüller (Students for Future Dresden)

Maria (Stadtteilgruppe Löbtau, Name geändert)

Susanne Krause (Alliance 90/The Greens, mobility policy spokesperson Dresden)

Kathrin & Claudia (Kosmotique e.V.)

Rita Kunert (Anti-PEGIDA rallies, Herz statt Hetze Dresden)

Stefan (Antifa in Dresden-Löbtau, name changed)

Frank (ADDN.ME, Antifa in Löbtau, name changed)

DJ (Black Lives Matter Dresden)


Further discussion partners:

Anja Apel (The LEFT Dresden Hellerau)

Florian Berndt (The Left Party Dresden)

Leo Förster (Fridays for Future Dresden)

Margot Gaitzsch (The Left Party Dresden)

Paul and Karli (AZ Conni, name changed)

Valentin and Lennart (Tolerave e.V.)


Co-production HELLERAU-European Centre for the Arts

With the kind support of Herbert-Wehner-Bildungswerk e. V. and PlatzDa Café.

Many thanks to Elisabeth Krefta, Wolfram Sander and the “Offbeat Cooperative”.