Johanna Bruckner, Stine Deja, Olga Fedorova, Katrin Niedermeier


What are significant properties that constitute the human body and how will these properties change over time?

If the human 1.0 experienced the technological revolution in the 20th century and the human 2.0 the digitalisation of itself and its surrounding environment, what will it look and feel like to become and be a human 3.0 in the 21st century and a more distant future?

Is an organic evolution of human appearance long overdue and unavoidable, or is the transformation of our bodies only the inevitable consequence of technological revolutions of the last century?

How will human interactions be structured and will they still be experienced viscerally and virtually? And what will be left behind as traces of our ephemeral physical existence, once our organic bodies might have become obsolete?

HYPERTENSION will present video based works that imagine and question possible current and future dystopian scenarios of human expression, intimacy and body related issues in the virtual and the analogue space.

An important starting point of the presented artistic positions is the ability of digital image production to re-imagine the physical world in a radically dematerialized way. The artists develop a multi-layered, both deeply figurative and abstract discourse that deals with the impossibilities of a sufficient representation of the physical, the corporeal of the human body.

Opening hours

HYPERTENSION opens Friday, September 25, from 5pm – 8pm and will be on view until October 25. The exhibition is open every Friday, from 3pm – 6pm + by appointment.
Please wear a mask inside the space of PYLON-Lab.