Agyena, Lydia Eisenblätter, Neele, Ttyfal

22:00 – 02:00 Uhr


With HYBRID last year, HELLERAU wanted to establish a new international platform, a laboratory, experimental and discursive space for the arts in the digital age. The focus was to be on international and local artists and collectives who explore, make visible, discuss and further develop the interfaces of technology, science, philosophy and society. One year after the cancellation of the event in Hellerau and its afterparyt in objekt klein a, we are moving our contribution to the Virtual Club and offering the international festival and network MUTEK Montréal a kind of lobby party between time zones.

Welcome to the real world

Click your way from 10pm CET to: virtual.objektkleina.com. Give your smiley a name and log into the virtual event. Look around with the mouse pressed and WASD on the keyboard for movements in the room. During opening hours we broadcast sets every hour, the respective timetable is hanging next to the bar.

If you look another smiley in the eyes, you can establish a direct voice connection with the other person. The precondition for this is that a microphone is available, activated and authorised. A common chat is available for all cyberravers.

This virtual space is also intended to be as secure as possible, but has no access control. Therefore it is dependent on you proactively shaping it in a positive way. Racist, sexist, homophobic or other hostilities do not belong here.

Our architect is constantly working to improve and expand the virtual objekt klein a. Be gracious if complications arise, test multiple browsers if necessary to achieve the smoothest experience possible.

The project is supported by the Fond Soziokultur and the city of Dresden


Agyena ( Pulsår | LE/B )
Lydia Eisenblätter ( OAM Records | LE )
Neele ( IfZ, G-Edit | LE )
Ttyfal ( FrohFroh, Input | LE )


The festival platform on virtual.mutek.org will be open between Thursday, March 11 and Sunday, March 14, 2021. The live program will be streamed each night from 20:00 German time (CET = GMT+1) with an additional replay scheduled for 20:00 Montreal time (EST = GMT-5). The Virtual Gallery, the Auditorium, and the Listening Room will be available on-demand throughout the entire festival period.

After your free registration you will be granted access to the full virtual festival experience of HYBRID – CUTTING EDGE CANADA. We do not sell tickets – but with a donation you can help us support LISA, the network of the club scene in Saxony.