Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate, Sahar Homami, Priori aka Francis Latreille & BunBun, Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules & Michael Gary Dean

online Musik Performance

The 3rd festival day brings another new recording from HELLERAU: fanaa by Sahar Homami. You can also expect exciting new pieces from Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate, Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules & Michael Gary Dean and to top things of an archive recording from MUTEK Montreal by Priori & BunBun.

  • Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules & Michael Gary Dean aka Push 1 Stop & Wiklow – 20 mins
  • Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matt Henderson/É.-U. – about 23 minutes
  • Sahar Homami – 20 mins
  • Priori (Francis Latreille) & BunBun – 56 mins

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Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree, Canadian interdisciplinary artist and sound designer. Her work engages tactics of material minimalism to create site-specific installations that sculpt droning, maximalist experiences out of space and sound. Using audio programming software, acoustical and processed instruments, Thompson’s works lure audiences into a state of equilibrium, filling rooms with discrete frequencies that engage physical and auditory sensation.

Thompson’s work often utilizes multi-channel audio or high-density loudspeaker arrays. She has been presented by MUTEK Montreal, Send + Receive Festival, and Quiet City (Canada); British Council Arts and Somerset House for Amplify DIA (UK) ; Qubit (NY); On the Boards, and Wayward Concert Series (WA); Subharmonic: Sonic Arts Symposium – PICA, Unity Gain: High Density Loudspeaker Array, Disjecta, Yale Union, and Variform Gallery (OR), among others. She has presented collaborative works for The Kitchen, Danspace, and Lincoln Center (NY); The Cube at Virginia Tech (VA); Krannert Arts Center (IL); NYU Abu Dhabi (UAE); The Wiltern (CA); Out of Sight (WA); Converge45, Disjecta, SIX for Subharmonic, and PICA T:BA Festival 2016 and 2017 (OR). Thompson has participated in residencies at Pioneer Works (NY); HERVISIONS x Arebyte AOS residency (UK), and the  Amplify residency in collaboration with Somerset House and MUTEK (UK). She is an upcoming resident at ACRE (IL).

Thompson has lectured and facilitated workshops as a part of the Time Based Art Festival (PICA with Tanya Tagaq), NYU ITP, NYU Abu Dhabi, Subharmonic: Sonic Arts Symposium (PICA with France Jobin), PNCA, PSU, Open Signal, and home school (OR). She has published works with Art in America, among others.

Matt Henderson is a multidisciplinary artist melding installation art, music production, film, performance art, and virtual reality. Since 2010, he has facilitated a DIY performance venue and artist living space in Portland, OR called Xhurch, which caters to the experimental artist community. After co-directing the M.A.S.S. music & performance series, he became enamored with virtual reality as a confluence of digital art and creation practices. He organized a group of new media artists and game creators under the banner of Portland Immersive Media Group, with help from Precipice Fund and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the group explored leading-edge technologies and new potentials for experiential art in both real and virtual environments. This culminated in the group being nominated as Finalists at Indiecade in Los Angeles (2016), and subsequent activations in Seattle (Out Of Sight, 2016), Portland (Houseguest Residency, 2017), Los Angeles (Werkartz, 2017), and Austin (Museum of Human Achievement, 2018).

Henderson continues to explore the intersection of real-time sound and visual art in performance settings, emerging formats, and as Instructor of Virtual and Augmented Realities at PCC Cascade STEAM Spaces. He has shown work at Rewire Festival (Amsterdam); Mutek Festival (Montrael), Send and Receive (Winnipeg), Fuse Festival (Austin, TX); Museum of Human Achievement (Austin, TX), Marfa Open/Tachales (Marfa, TX); Time-Based Art Festival (Portland, OR), Grapefruits Art Space, PNCA, and Holocene (Portland, OR); ONN/OF Festival, Out of Sight and Kremwork (Seattle, WA); Coaxial and Werkartz, (Los Angeles, CA). He has appeared on Voices of VR Podcast, Lost Discoveries Radio, Abigail Susik’s Studio Visit, and Experimental ½ Hour. He has given workshops at Open Signal and NW Film Forum.

Sahar Homami [IR-CA-DE] is an audiovisual artist/programmer, calligrapher and researcher from Tehran, based in Berlin and Montreal. Their background and approach is multidisciplinary and experimental, driven by combining art, technology, philosophy, and mysticism. Their artistic practice assumes different formats while maintaining a strong anchor on storytelling and real-time generative art, calling it live poetic cinema. Homami’s artistic interest is motivated by great emphasis on concept and content, which goes under critical research. They strive to push the boundaries of perception and consciousness, to expand our art of seeing. To Homami, seeing spans knowledge, art, ethos and politics. The art of seeing is the art of being human.

Their work has been presented at international festivals and conferences including MUTEK Montreal (2020), Abuja Art Week(2020), DAVE(2020), Tehran Contemporary Sounds(2019), Summerworks (2018), Berlin Music Video Awards (2018) and Generate!_lab(2018) amongst others.

Forging cosmic, frenetic techno and IDM creations out of the remains of the past, Priori’s productions are euphoric, layered, and organic all at once, Francis Latreille crafts unique dance music that pierces the veil of musical reality and opens up open up new spaces.

Raised in Longueuil Quebec, Latreille stumbled into techno through an accidental Kazaa download, which led to an obsession with dance music and the creation of the Francis Oak moniker. Following a residency at Montréal’s Le Bleury Bar à Vinyle, and a friendship with Patrick Holland that birthed 2016’s warmly nostalgic Jump Source project, Latreille decided to form the NAFF label alongside fellow Montreal producer Adam Feingold.

For HYBRID – CUTTING EDGE CANADA, Latreille will perform a live set informed by the worlds of science fiction and fantasy that are so dear to him, broadcasting subtly emotional futuristic compositions galaxy-wide. Expect a zero-gravity journey guided by a prolific, psychedelic house expert.

BunBun is a Montréal-based VJ whose style is best described as brightly hued, ultra-textured, beat-synced, and holographic looking. BunBun specializes in real-time projection mapping with a distinct artistic vision for uniquely animated, high-energy illuminations. Their work has been presented at 30+ international festivals and conferences including MUTEK Montréal, Igloofest, Bass Coast, îleSoniq, Eclipse Festival, NODE20 – Forum for Digital Arts and Festival Mode & Design. BunBun has also performed visuals alongside reputable artists such as Alicia Keys, Atari Teenage Riot, John Digweed, Lee Burridge, Monolink, Rüfüs Du Sol and hundreds of more musicians. At MUTEK, BunBun adds a uniquely animated, high-energy ingredient to Saturday night’s captivating sounds.

Canadian-born, Lisbon-based Michael Gary Dean is a composer and media artist who straddles both the avant-garde edges of digital art and the more traditional veins of classical music.

In 2015, Dean began performing electronic music under the pseudonym Wiklow. His approach is minimal and melodic, often characterized by “glitchy soundscapes – somewhere between Pole’s distorted dub and Burial’s storm-drenched shuffle” [FACT Magazine].

In his performances, Dean challenges the idea that the performer should be the focal point, often removing the stage entirely in order to place the audience on an equal level with the artist to create a shared experience. Sonically, he searches for frequencies and synchronicities that can provoke changes in the listener’s state of consciousness and elicit psychological reactions.

Through collaborations with artists of different mediums, often with a strong visual aspect, Dean has presented work worldwide, including notable appearances at MUTEK, Sonár and ISEA.

Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules is a Canadian media artist working between generative art and live performance. Her practice is either site-specific or installation-based, spanning multiple surfaces or immersive environments. Drawing on her background experience as a journalist, she casts a critical eye over technological trends with artworks that provokes thoughts and internal discussions around how we relate and engage with new technologies. Desbiens-Desmeules has presented her work worldwide, including digital art festivals and art galleries such as TodaysArt (NL), the International Symposium for Electronic Art (ISEA) and Somerset House (UK).

In 2019, We Are Europe (WAE) selected Desbiens-Desmeules as one of the 64 artists, speakers and public figures they consider the most inspiring European personalities. Desbiens-Desmeules is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. She continues to be active as a designer and visual artist as Push 1 stop, collaborating with top industry talent and agencies such as Silent Partners Studio, where she has been working for Beyonce, Jay-Z, BTS and Billie Eilish just to name a few.


The festival platform on will be open between Thursday, March 11 and Sunday, March 14, 2021. The live program will be streamed each night from 20:00 German time (CET = GMT+1) with an additional replay scheduled for 20:00 Montreal time (EST = GMT-5). The Virtual Gallery, the Auditorium, and the Listening Room will be available on-demand throughout the entire festival period.

After your free registration you will be granted access to the full virtual festival experience of HYBRID – CUTTING EDGE CANADA. We do not sell tickets – but with a donation you can help us support LISA, the network of the club scene in Saxony.