Hungary and question of its integration into the West 1867 – 2024

Krisztián Ungváry

2023/24 Nebenan Vortrag
Photo: Joerg R Oesen

The political debates between Brussels and Budapest prove that the policies of the Orbán government are based on significantly different premises to those of its Western allies. These political tensions have a historical background. The historian Krisztián Ungváry provides an analysis of Hungarian history over the last 150 years in order to better understand Hungary’s particular path and the failure of liberal ideas in Hungary. Because in order to improve a situation requires understanding it.

Duration: ca. 1 h
Language: German with english live-translation

Krisztián Ungváry is a historian of contemporary history. He has been a research professor at the University of Miskolc since 2023 and a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2015. He became known in Germany in 1999 as a critic of the Wehrmacht exhibition, which he criticized in several publications. His primary interest is the political and military history of the 20th century. He is particularly interested in people’s relationship to their own history. He has published a total of 224 academic books and essays in various languages.