Dance concert with Sebastian Weber and Band

2023/24 Dance Together Workshop

The dance concert is a live performance that invites you to join in: Under the open sky, all participants dance a simple, swinging, good-humored choreography together with Sebastian Weber and are accompanied live by an excellent band. 

The movements are inspired by the basics of tap dance and swing traditions, but as always, they are well shaken up by Sebastian’s passion for individual movements and the archaic power of danced grooves. It’s all about the fun of trying things out together. After about 45 minutes, everyone will be able to dance a simple choreography together with the band. The workshop is framed by short performances by the band. 

No previous knowledge or special footwear is required. As the workshop takes place outside, please bring weatherproof clothing and footwear.

Duration: ca. 1 h
Language: German

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*Everyone who comes a bit later or wants to spontaneously drop by is of course very welcome to also take part in the dance concert.

For any questions or further information, get in contact with: workshop@hellerau.org  

Sebastian Weber is the founder and namesake of the Sebastian Weber Dance Company. Sebastian has been choreographing eclectic, often multimedia pieces that explore tap dance as a contemporary form of expression for around 30 years. His career began with his encounter with the masters of jazz tap Chuck Green, Buster Brown and Lon Chaney, who continue to inspire him to this day.