HELLERAUmoves: Advanced

with Bibata Ibrahim Maïga und Sayouba Sigué from AFRICA SIMPLY THE BEST

2023/24 Tanz Workshop

Choreographer, dancer and actress Bibata Ibrahim Maïga and her mentor choreographer Sayouba Sigué will focus on developing the distinct creativity of the workshop participants, enabling them to recognise their role as creators and the power of vocabulary. Collaboratively, the concept of the political body within the realm of dance will be explore and contemplating its significance in artistic expression. This exploration extends to the very essence of dance and how it resonates with each individual, embarking on a journey to uncover the shared humanity that binds people together.

Duration: ca. 3 h
Language: English 

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Questions and comments can be sent to workshop@hellerau.org.

Bibata Ibrahim Maïga is a dancer, actress and young choreographer born in Gao, Mali. As the director and founder of the B-z’Art move center and the I dance’O association since 2018, she has been organizing training activities for professional dancers, children and teenagers in Bamako, Mali. In 2017, she completed her training as a dancer and choreographer at the Ècole des Sables in Dakar.

Sayouba Sigué grew up in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Burkina Faso. He came in contact with the cultural and artistic scene of Ouagadougou through dance competitions at school and took courses in traditional and modern dance. In 2001 he became a member of Souleymane Porgo’s dance company Teguerer, where over the years he worked with many different choreographers, got to know various contemporary styles and performed in Africa and Europe. He is now the deputy artistic director of the company and has worked with numerous other renowned choreographers such as Irène Tassembédo andSerge Aimé Coulibaly.