Happy Hype

Ouinch Ouinch x Mulah

2023/24 Tanz

From minstrels who lack love to hip-hop whirlwinds – Ouinch Ouinch’s carnivalesque and queer round dance mixes traditional and newly invented dances with exalted clubbing to create a cheerful and energetic choreography that is infectious. Driven by the urban-about-town hip-hop beats with which DJ Mulah lights up the turntables, the five performers invite the audience to get carried away, dance along and bring the season in HELLERAU to a brilliant close. “Happy Hype” is a call to keep going, to search for energy deep within your own body and to stand by your own body. The rhythms crawl through the body like a vibration, from the feet to the head, appealing to the stomach and the heart, stimulating, shaking and leaving no one untouched.

The Geneva collective was inspired by the hype call, the key principle of krump – a dance that emerged in the 1990s in some Los Angeles suburbs and is used to express strong emotional feelings. The performance begins when one of the dancers enters the dance circle. The surrounding people come together and call, push or carry the dancer to challenge him or her in various ways. This collective act of attention and participation makes it possible to surpass oneself in one’s own dance and reach a collective trance-like state.

Duration: ca. 50 min
Without language

Following the performance there will be a party with DJ Mulah 15.06. 

Ouinch Ouinch has been working together since 2018 and is currently led by Karine Dahouindji and Marius Barthaux. As a collective, they make decisions together, change leadership positions and constantly question their own work processes. Nevertheless, they create their pieces quickly and spontaneously. The results are process-based, transdisciplinary, immersive and funny works.


MULAH, Maud Hala Chami founded the label ZRO21, in 2017, after graduating from Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne and working on several continents. She organizes multiple events across Switzerland, in both private and cultural venues. The goal is to create new concepts and build a new musical movement. She adds DJ to her skills, starting to mix in her own event, she is quickly mandated to play in clubs – Swiss and European festivals. MULAH is a versatile artist, loving to mix electronic music with other genres; Future Beat, Oriental Electro/ Baile funk / Afrobeat.

Choreography and Conception: Marius Barthaux, Karine Dahouindji, Simon Crettol, Mulah, Nicolas Fernando Mayorga Ramirez
With: Elie Autin, Collin Cabanis, Karine Dahouindji, Adél Juhász, Délia Krayenbuhl, Maud Hala Chami
Live Music: Maud Hala Chami aka Mulah
Production: Association Compagnie des Marmots 
Executive Production: Ars Longa Agency
Distribution: Charlotte Grace Wacker
Support: Foundation l’Abri, Geneva, le FAR, Nyon, Festival Belluard Bollwerk, Fribourg