three-part ballet evening

Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (DE)

Choreographies by Jacopo Godani


Girls Dance/Postgenoma/High Breed
Choreographies by Jacopo Godani

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company presents a three-part ballet evening with the choreographies Girls Dance, Postgenoma and High Breed by Jacopo Godani.

Girls Dance is the attempt of the bodies to remain true to themselves in perpetual movement. This has something theatrical about it. The choreographic sequences in Girls Dance show harmony, which is why the montage of choreographic material in this female tour de force is based on independence, even emotional independence.

In Postgenoma dark beings lurk on stage and create their own universe with a unique pas de deux. The human animal, persecuted by its spirits, frightened and hidden, refuses to die – and although it has been twisted to hide its true nature, it appears over and over again, disregarding all the limits imposed on it and resisting the pressure of any norms of beauty.

With its strong formal language, High Breed can be understood as an ideological work. Jacopo Godani aims to intensively involve the audience in the dance experience. He tries to escape the imaginable, to leave the familiar behind and to create a fascinating darkness: A realm in which potentials beyond light emerge. In its passionate audacity, High Breed is an elementary work that uses light and darkness as artistic means. Through the choreographic release, something else can be made visible. Godani emphasizes the essence of his company with a physical intensity that is rich in movement and so precise that its precision seems almost mathematical.