Polski Transfer – Discussion round

Statements and discussions on, among others, "Feminisation of theatre and the public. "Social art projects as political statements", "Polish theatre structures in the present" and more.

Gespräch Vortrag

2:30 pm

The Active Role of Arts and Culture and their Potential in Polish Society – Three Field Reports by Activists of the Contemporary Cultural Scene in Poland
With: Agata Adamiecka, Agata Siwiak and Alina Galazka
Moderation: Irène Mélix (artist and cultural scientist)

Agata Adamiecka: Feminization of the theatre and the public. A new paradigm or a reaction to the backlash?
Agata Adamiecka, research associate at the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw, project on Polish Theatre from a gender and queer perspective, lecturer at the Institute for Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, numerous publications in theatre journals, co-editor of the Polish Theatre Journal, collaboration with director Marta Gornicka on the project “Women’s Choir” – a long-term theatrical feminist project.

Alina Galazka: Civil dialogue in culture
Social activist, member of the theatre collective and the Komuna Warszawa production platform, member of the board of Klon/Jawor, one of the most important NGOs in Poland, editor-in-chief of ngo.pl until 2017 and, since 2017, coordinator for the development of ngo.pl’s Internet Support Centre.
From 2008 to 2009 President of the Forum for Social Dialogue and since 2004 active in the Social Dialogue Committee in cooperation with the Warsaw City Council (Department of Culture), member of the Presidium of this Committee. Co-author of the document “City of Culture and Citizens. Cultural Promotion Programme in Warsaw until 2020”.

Agata Siwiak: Social Art Projects as a Political Statement
Agata Siwiak, theatre curator, producer, curator for social art projects at the Warsaw Biennale, artistic director of the festival “Nahe Fremde” at the Polski Theater Poznan, lecturer at the Institute of Theatre and Media Art at the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań.

4 pm

Polish Theatre Structures in the Present Time
Roman Pawłowski (TR Warszawa), Grzegorz Reske (ResKeil), Grzegorz Laszuk (Komuna Warszawa), Maciej Nowak (Teatr Polski Poznań)
Moderation: Carena Schlewitt

How do municipal theatre structures, independent theatre organisations and festival structures work together and how do structures also influence contemporary forms in Polish theatre? Representatives* from the various theatre institutions and organisations are invited to attend.

Roman Pawłowski is deputy artistic director of the TR Warszawa. He worked for many years as a cultural critic, journalist and theatre curator and wrote the Gazeta Wyborcza for them. Pawłowski has published two volumes of new Polish contemporary drama and has curated theatre festivals in Lodz, Sopot and Warsaw. Among other things, he curated the festival for theatre, drama and performance from Russia ДА! ДА! IN WARSAW ДА! in Warsaw and the International Theatre Festival NEW CLASSICS OF EUROPE in Lodz. The theatre series “Jezyce Story” at the Nowy Theatre in Poznan (2013) was his theatre debut.

Grzegorz Reske is a curator and producer for performing arts. He is part of the ResKeil curator tandem. Together with Marta Keil he was curator of the Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival in Lublin (2013-17) and programmed the Kalisz Theatre Meetings (2015-2017). He was an advisor to the international program of the Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw 2015-2016, is a permanent fellow of the East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) and a board member of the IETM International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts. He also teaches at UMCS University of Lublin and SWPS University of Warsaw.

Grzegorz Laszuk is a graphic designer, organizer of urban cultural events, activist and co-founder of the theatre group and production platform Komuna Warszawa. As a director he works for Komuna Warszawa and various municipal theatres. As a graphic artist he is known for his unusual posters, especially for the TR Warszawa. He has also realized graphic projects for the Ujazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Center, the Warsaw Philharmonic, the National Museum in Warsaw, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, and the Bęc Zmiana Foundation.

Maciej Nowak is an art historian, theatre scholar, theatre and restaurant critic. From 2000 to 2006 he was artistic director of the theatre Wybrzeże in Gdańsk, one of the most important theatres in Poland, which mainly supported young female directors, including Grażyna Kania, Agnieszka Olsten, Monika Pęcikiewicz, Paweł Demirski, Jan Klata, Wojciech Klemm and Michał Zadara. Nowak was the founder and director (2003-2013) of the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw. He has been the artistic director of the Polski Theatre in Poznań since 1 September 2015.