Feature Ring with Otis Sandsjö

2024/25 Feature Ring Konzert Gespräch
Photo: Hagen Moeller

Say YES to Liquid Jazz! Who wouldn’t when Otis Sandsjö interweaves jazz so artfully with other musical styles such as hip-hop or electro? Listening to him is a bit like watching Bob Ross paint. You think: “Now it’s perfect”, and then Bob dips his brush in deep and draws across the canvas. In the end – and that’s what matters – it looks completely logical for Bob, it’s all intentional. And with Otis, who ploughs through the electro beats in the middle of the jazz rhythm, it sounds just as organic and completely right. A coherent and unmistakable sound, as they say. The Feature Ring trio will definitely be liquid in the knees when they welcome Otis to HELLERAU.

Duration: ca. 2 h with an intermission
Language: German

otissandsjo.com @lacdesable

Otis Sandsjö, know for his physical, yet melancholic style of playing, has in recent years grown to become one of the more sought after young saxophonists on the European proggressive jazz and pop circuit. He’s running his own projects Y-OTIS (SE/DE/AU) and otis sun (SE/LUX), is a leading member of the bands LUCIA CADOTSCH SPEAK LOW (SE/CH), Farvel (SE/NO), GADJOS (SE/DK) as well as composed and performed the solo saxophone music for the piece BABY IT`S YOU, NOT ME, with the dance/performance group THE MOB (DK/SE) He also curated the spatial concert installation “; haunted by music” 2016 and hosts the concert series “Bastujazzen” in Göteborg, Sweden.